DIY Kids Crafts: DIY Dinosaur Fossils

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When I started planning activities to do at my son’s 3rd birthday party I knew I had to have something fun that both the boys and girls would like. Since his party was a dinosaur train theme I started scouring the internet for great ideas on crafts my son and I could create together for the party.

After searching around a bit we found a great recipe for do-it-yourself dinosaur fossils! As soon as I showed my son the fossils he was all aboard. And then when I told him he’d have to help make them he quickly ran to grab the measuring cups and flour.

The fossils were a big hit at the party and the kids took turns finding them all over the indoor play place we were at. Then they took all of the fossils to two buckets we had set out and started opening their fossils to reveal tiny plastic dinos inside.

DIY Kids Crafts: DIY Dinosaur Fossils

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup dirt
  • 1/2 cup sand (play sand works the best)
  • 1 cup water
  • 12 tiny plastic dinosaurs
  • Plastic wrap-lined cookie tray

What you do:
1. Dump the flour, dirt, and sand into a bowl.

2. Pour the water over the dirt mixture.

3. Stir the mixture together until it’s a thick muddy batter-like consistency.

4. Add more dirt, sand, and flour as needed if too liquidy.

5. Let your kids dip in the dinos and coat them well.

5. Place on plastic wrap-lined cookie tray and cover with a little more of the mixture to make sure it’s coated very well. Cover up any parts that may be sticking out.

6. Let the mixture sit out in the sun for a few hours to dry. Once the top side is dry flip each fossil over and let the other side dry completely.

7. Let the kids have fun breaking the fossils apart!

Every week Danielle brings great kids crafts to Formula Mom! Danielle is a work-at-home-mom of two beautiful kids and writes over at the Simmworks Family Blog. She loves to blog about her family, healthy living, going green and crafting. Danielle would love for you to come visit! You can reach her on facebook and twitter as well. If you have any questions feel free to email her at

3.8K Shares Twitter 10 Facebook 35 Google+ 3 Pin It Share 3.8K StumbleUpon 0 3.8K Shares ×
About Danielle

Danielle is a work-at-home-mom o f two beautiful kids and writes at Simmworks Family Blog. She loves to blog about her family, healthy living, going green and crafting.


  1. wow! this is a brilliant idea!!!
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  2. This is an AWESOME idea! I will have to try it out with the boys this summer!
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  3. oh how fun! My kids and I did something similar last year! Great post!
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  4. Maggie @ Tethered Mommy says:

    These are SO COOL! I want to make these just to make them. LOL
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  5. A great thing about this craft is that we can do it with many different toys, not just dinosaurs! My son decided he wanted to make a few car fossils for his cousin’s birthday and they loved breaking them apart.
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  6. Oh Fun! That would also make a great game at a birthday party!
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  7. jodi zimmerman says:

    What a great idea! I will be watching 4 kids this summer and I think they will all love it…all ages and sexes!! yay

  8. Great idea! My son would have loved this when he was little!
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  9. We broke these apart one year in school. I’m thinking around grade 2 or 3.
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  10. You could make these edible. Use a chocolate cookie dough and gummi animals. That would be fun.

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