Fitness Challenge Success and Twitter Party! #iheartomron

#iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge Success

Fitness Challenge Success Last month, I started the #iHeartOmron 30 day fitness challenge to see what kind of difference I could make in my life and my body. I actually started working on getting back to better habits the day I applied for the challenge. It was a great motivation for me and I was… (continue reading)

Eating to Lose Weight #iheartomron

Eating To Lose Weight: Snacks #iHeartOmron

Eating to Lose Weight #iHeartOmron Last week, I shared how my pedometer has been a motivator when it comes to getting active as part of the #iHeartOmron 20 day Fitness Challenge. My Omron HJ-323U USB pedometer has been fun to wear and I love trying to beat my record each day. But activity is only part of the… (continue reading)

Getting Inspired with the Omron Fitness Challenge #iheartomron #mamavation

Omron Fitness Challenge - Before Photos #iheartomron #mamavation

Getting Inspired with the Omron Fitness Challenge There it is. It’s all out there this week with my #iheartomron fitness challenge before photos. I decided to share them because I wanted accountability. And I wanted to be able to show everyone what a difference 30 days can make. Anyone can do anything for 30 days…. (continue reading)

I’m an # iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge Ambassador! #mamavation

Fitness Challenge Ambassador #iHeartOmron #mamavation

I’m an # iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge Ambassador! When I saw my name on the list to be one of the 25 # iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge Ambassadors, I had to read it again. It wasn’t something I applied for on a whim. It was an opportunity I applied for because I felt like it was put in my… (continue reading)

Shape Up Sunday: FFIT at Home Check In #4

Formula Mom

This week marks the end of week three of the FFIT at Home program for me. It was a challenging week for me. I did fairly well during the beginning of the week and my eating fell apart over the holiday weekend (which started for me on Friday) but I’m trying not to dwell on… (continue reading)

Shape Up Sunday: FFIT at Home Week 3

Formula Mom

It’s exciting to be feeling strong and successful at the end of week two of my FFIT at Home program. I’m already changing my habits and make better choices each day. I’m feeling better about myself and I’m feeling healthier. It’s definitely a great feeling!  How are you doing this week with your fitness and… (continue reading)

Shape Up Sunday: FFIT at Home Week 2

Formula Mom

Last week I started the FFIT at Home program because it was time to get back to me! The past 2 years (starting at my first positive pregnancy test) have been times of extreme life changes. I believe I’ve gone through many of the major life events one can deal with including birth, death, and… (continue reading)

Shape Up Sunday: FFIT at Home Week 1

Weight Loss - Before and After

Today is the day! This week I am starting the FFIT at Home program. FFIT stands for Fearless Fitness Intensity Training and the program focuses on exercise, nutrition, and support. For the next 12-13 weeks, I will be working with Coach Erika to make some great changes in my life! Today I started a food… (continue reading)

Post-Baby Slim Down Check-In #weightloss

Last week, I shared the great progress I had made towards my effort to get back into the fitness routine and focus on my weight loss since W’s birth. While I didn’t expect as big of a loss as last week I was hoping for a loss of some sort. I got a little nervous… (continue reading)

Post-Baby Slim Down #weightloss

I may be trying to figure out my formula for motherhood, but I’m also trying to figure out my formula for losing the baby weight. Back in 2002 I began my original weight loss journey and after two years of hard work, I lost 80 pounds and changed my life. In the beginning of my… (continue reading)

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