Zesty Italian Dressing from Kraft Adds Zing #GetZesty

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We eat our fair share of salad dressing around here and Kraft Anything Dressings are definitely on our shopping list fairly often. So when Kraft sent me a bottle of their new Zesty Italian Anything Dressing to sample for this review post, I knew it was time to go on the hunt for some great recipes featuring zesty italian dressing! I was excited to see what I could find. Especially with cookout season knocking on our door.

Zesty Italian Dressing #GetZesty

Zesty Italian Dressing from Kraft Adds Zing

So I looked up the definition of zesty (well actually zest) and discovered it means hearty enjoyment or gusto. And I fell in love with the word.  Well, I’ve actually always loved the word because it’s so fun to say! Zesty! I mean, it’s hard not to smile when you say it out loud. And I think it described me well most of the time.

As summer creeps closer, I have a renewed zest for life. I am making a huge change with the decision to work at home and be with my little ones for the next few years. It excites me and invigorates me. It has brought a new zest to my life!

So feeling zesty doesn’t have to just relate to food! It can be all about your approach to life. Of course, I do enjoy a little zing of flavor in my food which is why I depend on Kraft and their Anything Dressings. I have used them in the crockpot, on salads, and as dipping sauces. I love the convenience and the versatility!

Meet ZestyGuy

I’m sure you’ve probably seen him around. He’s kind of hard to ignore (there I admitted it). He’s all about bringing zest into our lives and into our kitchens! And he has a few great recipes to share!

Kraft offers some amazing recipes and I have been known to use a few in my kitchen. But I’ve also found some fabulous recipes from fellow bloggers that I would love to try this summer!

Recipes Calling for Zesty Italian Anything Dressing

  1. Steak and Feta Salad by Around My Family Table
  2. Greek Pasta Salad by Chef in Training
  3. BLT Pasta Salad by Six Sisters’ Stuff
  4. Easy Pasta Salad from Cathie and Steve
  5. Shish Kabobs from Recipes We Love
  6. White Pizza by Recipes Happen
  7. Zesty Italian Chicken by From the Kitchen of Mama Harris
  8. Italian Crockpot Chicken by Crock-a-doodle-do
  9. Marinated Cheese from allrecipes (can use italian dressing instead of oil and seasoning mix)
  10. Tri-Color Salad by Matt and Shari

Do you have a favorite recipe that calls for italian dressing? I would love to hear about it! Especially if they are great for summer outdoor gatherings!

If you need some more zest in your kitchen (and maybe in your life?), follow @theZestyGuy on Twitter and discover more zesty recipes on the Kraft website and by connecting with Kraft Dressing on Facebook. You can also send your friends a ZestyGram to add a little zest to your day!

Disclosure: I received product for review purposes in addition to compensation for my participation in this campaign for Kraft. All thoughts and experiences are my own.

132 Shares Twitter 34 Facebook 2 Google+ 1 Pin It Share 95 StumbleUpon 0 132 Shares ×
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  1. Bahahaha! He certainly does make me want to eat more salad! :D I love Italian dressing, although I usually buy the Light, and will definitely be trying out the Zesty Italian Chicken recipe very soon!
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  14. I zest up my life by trying new foods and meeting new people.
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  15. I am a picky eater and am not a huge fan of Italian dressing, but I love all kinds of different salads so I will definitely be saving this to try out the different salad recipes! Thanks for sharing!
    Leila recently posted..Pains of Working in an Office

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  46. thanks for featuring my recipe!
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