I Actually Have 5 Kids aka Why My Dog is Great!

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Purina Pro Plan My Dog is Great

Why My Dog is Great

I actually have more than one dog. As if living in a house with my husband, my mom, my aunt, and my toddler wasn’t enough. We have 4 dogs. Yes, you read that correctly! We have a boston terrier, a rat terrier, a pug, and a lab. Yes, it’s a zoo around here sometimes. I love them all and they are all great for different reasons but I have a soft spot for my boston terrier.

My dog love is flowing right now. They don’t get as much attention as they did before W was born but there are quite a few reasons why my dog is great.

Why My Dog is Great Purina Pro Plan

Meet Murray the Boston Terrier

Murray has been my baby since he was just a few weeks old. He was the runt of the litter. I’m pretty sure he would have faced a tragic demise had I not purchased him. That story is to come! It’s messy. I’ll warn you now. Don’t worry there’s no graphic photos or anything though.

One of my first memories of life with Murray was the ride home in the car. My car was just a few months old and my sister was holding Murray in the back seat as we drove home. I had brought a towel and a blanket to put in the back. I told her not to let him pee on the seat.

What happened just a few minutes into our drive home? Murray peed on the seat! It wasn’t really a big deal and it’s amusing to look back on now. I should have know he’d be a handful!

Purina Pro Plan How is Your Dog Great Contest

He Got a Tough Start

It was a rough few weeks for Murray after we brought him home. He had giardia which made teaching him to go outside difficult. It also made a huge mess to clean up around the house. He ended up having to stay in the kitchen while we treated his illness. Yes, that was one of the gross parts. I won’t go into anymore details!

We also had a dachshund at the time. He was very protective of my mom. He and Murray did not mesh well and our dachshund would go after Murray. One night he bit Murray on the face and we couldn’t get him to let go. Once we finally got the dachshund to let go, Murray was bleeding and terrified.

A few weeks later we found a new home for the dachshund. We also had a pug at the time and she got along well with Murray so it was a good pairing. Murray has always been a bit skittish and I’m pretty sure that it might have been a result of that experience.

For the Love of Dog Purina Pro Plan

My Dog, My Best Friend

He had a rough start but he has been through a lot with me the past 8 years. He has been with me through getting engaged and moving out of my mom’s house. He had been with me through wedding preparation and then spent the honeymoon week visiting my mom. He has been with me through the death of our pug, Pearl, and the addition of our rat terrier, Toby.

He has been with me through the greatest addition to our family with W’s arrival. He has handled losing his spot as number one cuddle partner with a fair amount of grace (and a lot of dog cookies). He has also been there through the greatest loss of my life with the death of my sister.

Plus, he’s absolutely adorable! He’s also a really great dog. He rarely barks, he doesn’t jump, and he doesn’t dig. He does snore though. Just a warning! And sometimes he chases his own tail for hours. But those little quirks make me love him even more. He’s always ready for a snuggle and sometimes that’s just what I need!

Purina Pro Plan’s “How is Your Dog Great?” Video Contest

Is your dog great? Purina Pro Plan is giving you the chance to share just how amazing your dog is! You could even win some great prizes! Does your dog have an inspirational story? Is your dog a great best friend like Murray?

From now through August 27, 2012, you have the opportunity to create a video less than two minutes in length about your dog! The video should show moments along your dog’s journey toward greatness that can inspire others to discover greatness in their dog. Having Murray as a loyal companion during the good times and the bad times makes him great in my book!

Upload your video to the Pro Plan YouTube channel. The grand prize winner will have their winning video featured in a Pro Plan commercial and receive a year’s supply of Pro Plan brand dog food. The commercial will be unveiled at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show, presented by Purina Pro Plan.

For additional information and full contest entry details and rules, please visit the Pro Plan YouTube channel.

So tell me… how is your dog great?

Formula Mom Disclosure: I was compensated for this sponsored post made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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  1. WOW! Four dogs that is a busy house. We don’t have any (yet), but are planning to get one next Spring!
    Emily recently posted..wordless wednesday {2012.30}

  2. Four dogs!? I don’t know how you do it! I only have ONE cat and I’m going nuts. lol. You are amazing!
    Amber Edwards recently posted..The Ferris Wheels Cold and Hot Pack natural pain relief.

  3. Your dog is super cute!!


  4. Awesome! So cute! We adopted 2 puppies in March and they have been a great addition to our family! My hubby definitely feels out numbered since they both are girls and we have 3 daughters!! I don’t think we could do 4 dogs!!
    Brianne recently posted..$1.28 each RevitaLens Contact Solution at Meijer

    • Adopted pups can be the best! Murray was the first dog I ever bought from a breeder. I usually adopt.

  5. Murray is such a cute little thing! We don’t have any dogs, but my husband would love to get one. I don’t think I could handle it until we have a backyard (we live in the city in a condo right now).
    Audrey recently posted..Par Shag Rug {Product Find}

    • Boston terriers are great when living in a small space. He mostly sleeps but likes to go on short walks.

  6. We actually have 5 kids and are thinking of getting a dog this fall but have to find the perfect breed! Suggestions?!
    Kerrie McLoughlin recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Washing Hair in the Sink

    • I love my boston terrier (if you couldn’t tell from this post). He has been a great dog. Every other boston owner I know raves about theirs as well!

  7. Love your post! We have a golden family member who although sometimes I would like to be outside (because of shedding) has been an amazing dog with our children.
    The Frugal Greenish Mama recently posted..Plum District: $16 for $40 of HONEST Products

  8. I don’t have any dogs. Just 3 cats! But your cute Boston Terrier is making me want one really bad! Too cute!
    Amber recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Ready for Church

  9. Your dog is adorable I just want to cuddle him!

    My dog had giardia at first too! :(

    My dog is great because she never judges me for anything!
    Krystle recently posted..Elizabeth Grant Coconut Body Kit Review

  10. Awwww your doggy is so sweet!
    Erika @Musings From a Stay At Home Mom recently posted..Natural Reflect Sunscreen from Banana Boat

  11. Nicole - Mama to 4 Blessings says:

    love the pic of him in the blanket!

  12. What a sweet pup! We had 3 large dogs (I lost Ivan a few years ago) and I can’t imagine a house w/o dogs. Even though the hair drives me crazy, seeing their sweet faces makes up for it.
    Sarah @ East9thStreet recently posted..Sand Pail List Update – Must Get Moving!

  13. Awww your dog is so cute! I dont have a dog because we live in a condo but i hope one day we can have one. Thanks for sharing!!
    Oriana from Mommyhoodsdiary recently posted..The Heroes Behind The Scene ~ P&G Crest/Oral B Olympic Mom

  14. What an awesome story. I’m so glad Murray found a place in your heart and home. My dog, Scout, has been with us since he was a few months old. We went to the shelter looking for the perfect pup for us and one day we just saw him. He was perfect.

    What made it even more perfect was the fact that my husband’s aunts were there too that day. And we ran into each other in the same hall that Scout was. They got to check him out, say hi, and told us they thought he was perfect too. It was fate!
    Danielle recently posted..You Deserve a Bouquet of Flowers – And I Do Too!

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