affirMOMtions: weight loss affirmations

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affirMOMtions: body image affirmations for moms

Weight Loss Affirmations

I am currently reading a book called The Secret. It is about the law of attraction and how our thoughts attract things to us. Basically, by thinking negative thoughts we attract those things to our lives. By focusing on the positive, we attract positive things. It is an extremely powerful book and has changed the way I think. Or the way I try to think. Sometimes I make mistakes but I am more aware.

As I lose the weight I gained after my sister’s death, I am taking a positive approach based on the book. I’m using affirmations. These days, I’m only weighing in once a month. I am journaling what I eat each day and staying within a calorie range. I’m also walking 6 days a week and logging about 15 miles a week. I am saying two weight loss affirmations each morning as I walk.

I am 160 pounds.

I have slender arms and a slender belly.

Those are the two things I am focusing on. It is working well for me! It’s helping me stay motivated to go walking each day and it’s helping me with my food intake.

So I wanted to share a few other weight loss/body image affirmations I have used in recent months.

  • Losing weight comes naturally to me.
  • I am losing weight.
  • Healthy eating is easy.
  • I like to workout.

I know they seem so simple but they really help me keep my mind in the right place. A positive place!

How do you stay positive while working towards your goals?

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