Very Busy Spider Web Craft #Halloween

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The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

Very Busy Spider Web Craft

We have been reading The Very Busy Spider  by Eric Carle. It’s a great book to read around Halloween without having to read Halloween books all month long. The book is great because it allows us to talk about the differences between spiders and insects. It also gives us the opportunity to talk about other animals. Of course, we also have the opportunity to make spider crafts!

One of the crafts we made was a spider web craft using glitter! It doesn’t require many supplies and the mess can be fairly contained as well!

Very Busy Spider Web Craft Supplies

Make Your Own Spider Web Craft

What you need:

  • Black construction paper (I cut sheets into four squares to use less paper.)
  • White school glue
  • Silver glitter
  • Small pom-poms (to act as a spider)
Easy Spider Web Craft
What you do:
1. Start by squeezing a horizontal line of glue across the center of your paper. Then squeeze a large X for the foundation of your spider web.
Easy Very Spider Web Craft

2. Squeeze glue in a large hexagon/circle shape near the edges of the paper. Then do a second smaller shape inside the first to create your spider web!

Glitter Spider Web Craft

3. Then it’s glitter time! For easy clean up, I recommend using a paper plate under everything while sprinkling the glitter on the web. Cover your glue spider web generously with glitter.

Easy Glitter Spider Web Craft

4. Then lift your paper and shake it gently to remove the excess glitter. If you use another sheet of paper or a paper plate, you can easily pour the extra glitter back in the container!

Then add a fake spider or a pom-pom to represent a spider and you have your very own Very Busy Spider Web craft!

Very Busy Spider Web Craft

These are absolutely adorable hung on our bulletin board in our classroom! They could be cute around the house as well! They are great for Halloween but can be used any time of year when you want to study spiders too!

Have you ever read The Very Busy Spider?


    • Mariah says

      Lavonne, I don’t break out the glitter often either. Keeping it in the paper plate made clean up so easy! Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before!

  1. shelly peterson says

    So cute. with the cold weather here now,the kids cant play outside much so with all your great craft ideas it will keep them busy.

  2. Anne Taylor says

    Love this! My grandkids and their grandpa and myself will have a blast doing this craft for halloween!



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