The House Files: Going Bold in the Powder Room (DIY)

We moved into our new house the weekend before Halloween and I had big plans for Thanksgiving break. In the week I had off from work, I planned to paint the Powder room and the entire breakfast nook and wet bar area. My mom thought that one project was all I would get done but I was optimistic. It turns out that she was correct but I did get one project done! The powder room is now an amazing shade of blue. It’s a dark robin’s egg shade of blue and it was inspired by a bit of color on the knobs on the cabinets in the powder room. The knobs were there when we moved in and they have inspired the colors we are incorporating throughout the first floor of our home. We’re doing the blue and also reds. The red will show up in the breakfast nook but I didn’t make it that far!

Going Bold in the Powder Room

Before we started there was a brass light fixture and the walls were just a shade of brown. The paint wouldn’t have been too bad but the previous owners had touched up with paint that wasn’t the same shade! There was also a towel bar on the wall that was barely hanging on so it came off right away!

Powder Room

One good thing in the before photo is the toilet paper roll holder! It’s from The Container Store and I love it! The rolls just slide on and off and it holds two rolls! I’m in love with this toilet paper holder!

Powder before

I did appreciate the upgraded mirror in the powder room. All of the bathroom mirrors in the house were upgraded and it’s a nice touch. The light fixture had to go though so it was time to get to work! With W around, it took me longer than it used to take me to do these kinds of projects but it was done in about 3 days.

The Reveal

Powder after

We painted all of the walls and the ceiling in this room to really give it a WOW factor. The artwork was a piece that we’ve had for about 10 years. For the past few years it had been in the garage but now it has a new home. We’re still on the hunt for what we want to put on the wall behind the toilet. For now, I’m enjoying the color!

Powder after

I also changed out the towel holder on the wall and the light fixture so everything has the same finish! I loved working on this project because it didn’t take very long and it made a huge impact! Everyone who comes over to our house comments on the color and loves it! We’re not afraid of color and our new powder room proves it!

Have you ever used a bold color in a small space? Do you prefer to use neutral paint colors and bring color in through accent pieces or are your walls a color splash?

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  1. That blue looks AMAZING!! Nice job! Makes the bathroom look bigger and brighter!
    Kristin Wheeler (MamaLuvsBooks) recently posted..Education & Fun in Washington, DC

  2. I love the blue color! Looks wonderful. You definitely got that wow- so pretty factor!
    melissa recently posted..It is time to start redoing my backyard!

  3. I totally love color on the walls – So many houses are just white, or beige. Bright walls really make a house pop! This is a great change :)
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  4. looks nice!
    Nicole (Mama to 4 Blessings) recently posted..BLOW ART (WITH KIDS)

  5. I usually play it safe with neutral wall colors, but I really like what you’ve done here. It looks much better and that blue really pops!
    Rachel R. recently posted..Friday Fitness Goals Recap 2/24: My Best Run Yet! #10k #Running

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