Tasty Tuesday: Oreo Turkeys

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Tasty Tuesday RecipeDo you remember holiday parties when you were in elementary school? I do, fondly. I remember looking forward to each one no matter what the occasion and being so excited to see what everyone would bring in to share with the class. I remember kids whose moms would visit carrying these huge Tupperware containers full of home-made goodies for all of us to enjoy. Well, I don’t know how it is in your child’s school, but those days are long gone at Alex’s school.

Due to the world we live in today home-made treats are banned from most schools around here. We still send in things to share but they are always store-bought in the original container. While this makes me sad because it’s a sign of today’s society, I respect, understand, and fully support the school’s caution and concerns about safety. But every time I find a cute recipe children would love, for just a split second I wish I could make it for Alex’s class and be “one of those cool moms” I remember so well. Instead they become after school snacks and treats to share with the neighbor kids as was the case when I shared the Spider Cookies during Halloween.

Once again my inspiration has come from not only Pinterest, but also Oreos… just like those cookies. Who knew there were so many adorable things you could do with America’s favorite cookie? If you are still allowed to take home-made things to your child’s school these would be a HUGE hit at a Thanksgiving party! But if you’re like me and are continually sending in store made cupcakes or boxes of fruit snacks, enjoy these at home, with your little turkeys! I wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving, filled with loving family, happy memories and yummy food!

Oreo TurkeysOreo Turkeys

Makes 4
4 Oreo cookies
20 pieces of candy corn
4 Whopper candies
Icing in your color choice (I had yellow)

Carefully put 5 candy corn pieces in each sandwich cookies, between layers, making “feathers”. With a small dot of icing, adhere 1 Whopper to each, to make “head”. Using icing, draw eyes and “gobbler”. With more icing colors, or decorations, the details are endless!


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