How We Handled the Dog and New Baby

Helping Dog and New Baby Bond

How We Handled the Dog and New Baby is a post brought to you by Bayer K9 Advantix because before I had kids, I had my pups! All opinions are my own. How We Handled the Dog and New Baby Long before C was ever born and even years before W was a thought, I… 

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Dog Oral Care Tips to Help Avoid Dog Breath

Dog Dental Care Tips

Dog Oral Care Yes, you read that right. I’m not talking toddler teeth today. I have dogs on the brain and dog oral care is definitely something important to me. Why? Because dog breath is nasty! Seriously, when a dog comes up and pants in my face with dog breath. EW! Although my life generally… 

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For the Love of Dogs #ShareTheJoy

For the Love of Dogs with Cesar Savory Delights

For the Love of Dogs My dogs were my babies before I had W. That gorgeous rat terrier is my little man Toby. J and I got him right after we get married when I was missing my boston terrier, Murray. Toby was our first child! We have had quite a few adventures with him… 

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Happy National Dog Day from Frankenweenie & Toby! #DisneyMoviesEvent

Happy National Dog Day from Frankeweenie

Happy National Dog Day! Celebrate good times! Come on! Oh wait, you didn’t know today was National Dog Day? Well, you’re not alone! Maybe that’s what Toby has been trying to tell me with all of his yipping. Oh wait, that is him telling me that he’s hungry for dinner even when he’s just had breakfast…. 

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One Great Dog? Try Four Great Dogs!

Four Great Dogs Purina Pro Plan

One Great Dog Recently I introduced my amazing boston terrier, Murray. I may be a bit biased but he was my first baby and I wanted everyone to know why my dog is great! Then I realized that if my other dogs could read, they might be jealous. Wouldn’t it be awesome if my dogs… 

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