Itsy Bitsy No Sew Headband Tutorial

no sew headband 2

Knowing I was having a baby girl in August of this year brought on several crafty projects.  I love to coordinate outfits and headbands but they can be so expensive to purchase and then there is an issue of whether or not it will actually fit.   All newborns heads are not the same size and… (continue reading)

Burlap Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Burlap Ornament Wreath pinterest

The winter season is upon us. And you know what that means… decorations! As soon as Turkey day has passed I’m the first one to head to the garage and bust out the holiday decor from years past. But I also love crafting a few new pieces for each year as well! And this year… (continue reading)

Homemade Ice Pack aka DIY Soapy Mess

Cheap DIY Homemade Ice Pack

Homemade Ice Pack aka DIY Soapy Mess W gets his fair share of bumps and bruises. Of course, by fair share I mean he always has a new bruise. Oh and he bumps his head a couple of times a day. I’m hoping it’s a toddler thing and not a clumsy thing. Remember when I… (continue reading)

DIY Boy Bedroom Makeover Complete

DIY Boy Bedroom Makeover Complete

DIY Boy Bedroom Makeover Yes, the title of this post is DIY Boy Bedroom Makeover. Yes, that is a photo of a very pink room. Well, that is the before shot! When we moved into our house 9 months ago, that is what W’s bedroom looked like. He still sleeps in our room so it… (continue reading)

DIY Bathroom Ideas to Spruce Up the Guest Bathroom #CleanHands #CGC

DIY Bathroom Ideas Paint the Walls

DIY Bathroom Ideas When we moved into our house, our powder room was in need of major help. The previous owners had taken all of the fixtures and done some touch up with a different color paint! It was lovely if you like the deconstructed look. Luckily we love making rooms our own and had… (continue reading)

Cleaning with Baking Soda & Vinegar: Grout Saver (Mom Made Easy)

Cleaning with Baking Soda & Vinegar - Grout Saver

Cleaning with Baking Soda & Vinegar I’ve seen some fabulous ideas on Pinterest. I shared 5 baking soda uses with you. But there was one I wasn’t completely sold on. No matter how many times I saw it pinned on Pinterest. Even before and after photos couldn’t convince me. I didn’t believe that I could… (continue reading)

Homemade Ice Pack (Mom Made Easy)

Cheap DIY Homemade Ice Pack

DIY Homemade Ice Pack W is an active little guy so we have lots of bumps and bruises. He will usually let me put ice on him for a few minutes. I definitely prefer ice packs to bags of ice. It’s easier to grab them and go. But ice packs are expensive! I found a… (continue reading)

Glidden Paint Adds a Pop of Color to the Bathroom (DIY Review) #noisegirls

Glidden Smoky Mauve Paint in Eggshell finish

Let me start by making a few confessions. I love DIY home decorating. HGTV is one of my loves. It started many years ago when I developed an addiction to Trading Spaces. My mom and I would talk about when we had a house of our own where we could do all of the DIY… (continue reading)

The House Files: DIY Daddy Conquers the Wet Bar Faucet

Wet Bar after

When it comes to home repair and home decorating, I usually do the projects with my mom. J enjoys the improvements we make and will help out if we ask, but it’s not really his thing. When we moved into our new house, one thing I knew we needed to replace was the faucet in… (continue reading)

The House Files: Going Bold in the Powder Room (DIY)

DIY Bathroom Ideas Paint the Walls

We moved into our new house the weekend before Halloween and I had big plans for Thanksgiving break. In the week I had off from work, I planned to paint the Powder room and the entire breakfast nook and wet bar area. My mom thought that one project was all I would get done but… (continue reading)

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