Our Journey from Breastfeeding to Formula, part 1

Breast Feeding Welcome

Yesterday’s post and the discussions in the comments prompted me to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while and that is share my breastfeeding experience. I’ve discussed nursing tanks I loved, bottles that worked for us when W was a newborn, worried about pacifiers, and even gave some formula advice that not everyone… 

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The Future of Baby Bottles? The BARE Air-Free Baby Bottle

BARE bottle comparison chart

As I’ve discussed before, we began using bottles very early on as we had to supplement with formula when W was just a few weeks old. I had registered for bottles that claimed to be as close to breastfeeding as possible. I didn’t want anything to interfere with our breastfeeding relationship. There were pros and… 

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Review: BabyBond Nursing Sash

Baby Bond Flex Nursing Sash

The BabyBond is a nursing accessory that allows you to breastfeed in public without having to hide your baby away from the world! Now, if you’ve read anything about my struggle with breastfeeding, you might be wondering why I am reviewing a breastfeeding accessory! Well, to be honest, this is just one of those things… 

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Saving on Baby Formula

Saving on Baby Formula One thing I’d never considered during my pregnancy was baby formula. My plans for W included exclusively breastfeeding and pumping at work. No where in my mind did I think about baby formula. A box arrived on my door step from Similac with samples and coupons and I did stash it… 

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