Super Why DVD: Around the World Adventure Review

Super Why DVD: Around the World Adventure

Super Why DVD: Around the World Adventure

As a mom and a teacher, I am a huge fan of PBS Kids programming. I love that it is educational and entertaining. The new Super Why DVD Around the World Adventures features three great episodes of the preschool series. The DVD also includes extra interactive features including music videos and interactive games.

I fell in love with Woofster, the new book-loving puppy pal with Dictionary Power. He is one of the newer characters and this is his first time on DVD! W loves dogs so he was thrilled to see Woofster show up too! That alone made this a popular DVD the first time we watched it!

Like most of our children show DVDs, Super Why Around the Adventure features multiple episodes on one DVD. This DVD features the title episode, Naila and the Magic Map, and Jasper’s Cowboy Wish. The running time of the DVD is approximately 90 minutes.

Personally, I like having at least one or two DVDs of shows that W likes. It helps one rainy days if the satellite isn’t work and I just need to do a load of laundry! It also helps if we’re having a rough night and need something to watch for a little bit with a sick baby. Plus, W enjoys it and he only watches one episode at a time so it can stay in the DVD player!

Super Why Around the World Adventure is affordable at $12.99 and can be purchased at

Who would you enjoy this Super Why DVD with?

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