Juice with Oomph! Silk Fruit&Protein Review

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My family recently had the opportunity to try Silk Fruit&Protein. I was interested in trying the new juice smoothie type drink from Silk because we have been drinking more Silk products lately. My mom is working on eating a more plant-based diet and one family member’s diet changes definitely impact the entire family. Of course, this is a good change for us and when I heard about the possibility of making W’s juice have a bit more power, I was definitely interested!

Silk Fruit&Protein

I first looked for Silk Fruit&Protein at my local Kroger but they didn’t have it although they did have a decent selection of Silk products on the shelves. We shop at different grocery stores in the area depending on our mood each weekend so when I went to Walmart, I was on the hunt! At my local Walmart they had all 3 flavors of the Silk Fruit&Protein!

It was hard to decide which flavor to get but we decided to try the Strawberry Banana flavor because W loves bananas and strawberries! I was hoping that the Silk Fruit&Protein might be a good alternative to the apple juice he drinks every so often. He doesn’t drink much juice, but I would love to have a juice that offers more nutrition when he does have some.

Strawberry Banana Silk Fruit&Protein

Silk Fruit&Protein is lactose and dairy free. It’s a great source of protein, calcium, and vitamin D! Those are the kinds of things I like to hear as a mother although all of the nutrition in the world won’t matter unless W likes it and is willing to drink it so that was the biggest test! It is definitely thicker than other juices, having more of a thin smoothie quality to it so I was hoping he would like it.

Silk Fruit&Protein is a hit!

Well, I had nothing to fear because W loved it! It’s definitely a great treat for him! When he doesn’t want to eat breakfast in the morning (which happens at least once a week), I feel better about giving him some of the Silk Fruit&Protein to get some calories and protein in him to start his day!

Silk Fruit&Protein is full of nutrition that is great for the entire family!

We all tried the Silk Fruit&Protein and loved it as well! I cannot wait to try the other two flavors. I was a fan of the smoothie-like texture and the amount of protein because protein helps me stay feeling full longer which is great when I’m trying to lose weight! Silk Fruit&Protein will definitely be a regular in our refrigerator!

If you’d like to try Silk Fruit&Protein, you can print a $1 off coupon by signing up on the Silk Fruit&Protein website. You can also find Silk US on Facebook and on Twitter @LoveMySilk!

Does your family drink Silk products? Have you tried Silk Fruit&Protein? What flavor would you like to try?

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