Share the Secret of the Wings with JAKKS Pacific

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JAKKS Secret of the WingsShare the Secret of the Wings with JAKKS Pacific

As I’ve mentioned before when I was in LA as part of the #DisneyMoviesEvent, I had the privilege of screening Secret of the Wings. I also had the opportunity to interview director Peggy Holmes. It was a magical experience and I’m hoping when W is a bit older he will enjoy some of the Tinker Bell movies. Secret of the Wings had some fabulous boy fairy characters! It’s not just about the girls!

It was a pleasure to discover a gorgeous Secret of the Wings box in the mail one day. I was excited to open it up. I knew there had to be some magic insider. You can’t have Tinker Bell and Periwinkle on a box without there being something special inside!

My friends at JAKKS Pacific did not disappoint!

Secret of the Wings Dolls from JAKKS Pacific

Tink & Periwinkle Friendship Forever

Two very familiar faces smiled back at W and I when I opened the box. Both Tinker Bell and Periwinkle were dressed in their fabulous winter outfits which I fell in love with during the film. The two pack of dolls is just one of the many toys featuring the Disney Fairies at JAKKS Pacific.

W was enamored by the dolls. Although they are recommended for ages 3 and up due to some small parts. I loved that both dolls came in one package. It would be a bit silly to have a Secret of the Wings Tinker Bell doll without a Periwinkle. The movie is all about sisters and friendship so you definitely need both fairies.

So, it’s a great gift option if you have a Disney Fairies fan in your family! And if you’ve seen the movie already then you know there is something special about those wings. So it’s only natural that JAKKS Pacific would offer some amazing fairy wings for the little ones!

Secret of the Wings Fairy Wings

Light Up with Secret of the Wings

Oh, if only I was a few years younger. Maybe in my 20s I could have gotten away with wearing Magical Light Up Wings from JAKKS Pacific. Now that I’m in my early 30s, it just doesn’t seem right. Well, they won’t fit either. But W was thrilled by them! And that was before he even learned that they could light up!

And yes, I let my son play with all types of toys. I don’t limit his exploration. He has things like cars, balls, and blocks. But he also has a doll, a stroller, and a shopping cart. I just encourage him to be creative and explore. So I was more than willing to let him explore the Secret of the Wings Magical Light Up Wings!

Magical Light Up Secret of the Wings

Spread the Magic with Secret of the Wings

Secret of the Wings is now available on DVD. JAKKS  Pacific offers a great line of products to make the movie experience even more fun for kids. I love that the products are all very affordable as well. I think combining the DVD with some Magical Light Up Wings or Friendship Forever dolls would make a great gift. And I think I know what my niece might be getting this year!

You can learn more about the entire line by visiting the JAKKS Pacific website. You can also connect with JAKKS on Facebook and on Twitter @JAKKStoys.

Have you seen Secret of the Wings yet?

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  1. Those toys are so nice. My girls would be fantastic.
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  2. We have those wings and my daughter absolutely LOVES them! I love them too. They are adorable and every time she wears them everyone oogles over them and tells us how cool they are. lol. She used them on Halloween night; and all the parents were envious on how she LIT UP in the dark. It was fantastic.
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  3. I saw the dolls in the store the other day when it caught the attention of my 7 yr old. They are very beautiful. This is the first time I’ve seen the wings though – wow! I bet they were a great hit during Halloween!
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  4. Even though my kids are older. They are both looking forward to this movie. Shhh don’t tell them they are getting it for the holidays.
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  5. Ohmyheck – how adorable is this stuff!! Abby would LOVE it – I’ll have to watch for those dolls while I’m holiday shopping :)
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  6. Haven’t seen it yet, but boy are these toys adorable! Great post :)
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  7. I am a big fairy fan! This whole set is absolutely adorable!
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