Sending Out a Blogger SOS to Geek Squad #GeekSquadTechSupport

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This Geek Squad experience is part of a sponsored campaign with The Motherhood. All opinions and experiences are my own.

Geek Squad Help

Sending Out a Blogger SOS to Geek Squad

I love new technology. Who doesn’t? Maybe I should ask a different question… which mom blogger doesn’t love new technology? I don’t know if a new laptop is quiet as important to people who don’t work online. But for me it’s pretty darn exciting. And daunting. Yes, both. But there comes a time when your old laptop is dragging along when you realize you need something new. Or help from the Geek Squad.

Confession time. After a few years, my computers generally start to slow down and sometimes get wonky. I get lax on scanning for viruses and malware. I start to fill up the hard drive. And things just slow down.

Another confession. At least once I have purchased  a new computer rather than think of getting help from a service from Geek Squad. But when The Motherhood asked me if I’d like to try out the Geek Squad services, it was like a wake up call. Get my old machine fixed instead of buying a new one?

Yes, please!

Geek Squad

Geek Squad Tech Support Membership

Apparently I’m all about the confessions right now because I have to admit that I didn’t realize I could get a Geek Squad Tech Support membership if I wasn’t buying a new product. We have always used them to put screen protectors on our phones and tablets. My sister saved her desktop from a virus once with the help of Geek Squad.

But with a subscription, I discovered some things that are going to make my life so much easier in the future:

  • Unlimited virus removal & computer tune-ups to keep your computers working at peak performance (Yes, this is exactly what I have needed a few times in the past!)
  • Internet Security Software to keep your personal information safe and secure
  • Support for up to 3 PCs, Macs and Tablets – any brand, no matter where you bought them

Yes, no matter where you bought them! I was so wrong about when I could use Geek Squad and I am happy to have been wrong. Because now I know that I can get help instead of just move on to the next computer!


The Verdict on my Laptop

The Geek Squad professionals were able to clean up my old laptop and I didn’t lose anything on it! That is always my biggest fear. Losing everything because it never fails that I haven’t backed it up as recently as I would have liked. But they optimized my system performance and removed some traces of spyware. Apparently they have better spyware clean up software than I do!

I was thrilled to get my laptop back in one piece and get back to work! It’s like working on a new computer but is the same old, comfy machine I’m used to and have grown to love. And I’m excited to take J’s computer in next because it has started slowing down as well. So I’m thinking it needs a bit of a tune up!

This is definitely a way for me to save money by getting the most of out my current computer instead of just buying a new one! Thank you Geek Squad for opening my eyes and saving my wallet.

You can learn more and get help from Geek Squad Agents from 24/7 by chat or online remote support at

What do you do when your computer has issues?

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  1. This would be a good thing to have. My computer is getting a bit slow.

  2. That’s great that they were able to breathe new life into your laptop. So much better than going out and buying a new one. When my computer has issues, I spend a lot of time doing research to fix it. Probably a lot faster to go to someone who already knows what to do!
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  3. I’ve never used Geek Squad, but that sounds really cool that they were able to help you! I’ll have to remember them in the future. It’s rare to hear about GOOD support lately!

  4. I’m so glad you got it back in one piece! I’ll have to remember this in case anything happens!
    Melissa recently posted..Welcome to the World: Twins Birth Story

  5. That’s so good they helped you! I take mine to the apple store…and pray it’s under warranty
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