How to Save Money on Infant Formula

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As C gets older, we're using up the formula samples I received in the mail with our combo feeding approach. I'm feeling very comfortable with the balance we're finding works with breastfeeding and supplementing with formula. It's given Grambo and J a chance to feed C each day and build their bond as well.
As we reach the end of our samples, we've narrowed down the types of formula that work best for C and now I've been hunting for ways to save money while still getting her the nutrition she needs.  Parent’s Choice Formulas are clinically proven to be as well tolerated as the national brands.
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What I'm enjoying about Parent's Choice™ Infant Formula is that they offer a number of choices in products. So I am able to find a formula similar to one we have found success with recently. The products include:
Parent's Choice™ Advantage Powdered Formula
Parent's Choice™ Premium Powder Formula
Parent's Choice™ Gentle Powdered Formula
Parent's Choice™ Sensitivity Powered Formula
I'm enjoying the savings we can get by using Parent's Choice™ Infant Formula. With two kids who both need diapers (yes, both are still in diapers), clothes, food, and toys (yes, they need toys), any little bit we can save is definitely helpful and put to use in other areas. Preschool isn't cheap these days!
Saving Money with Parent's Choice™ Infant Formula
With about seven months left of combination feeding before C's diet can change a bit, I will be continuing to work to save money for our family while giving my child what she needs to grow healthy and strong!

Do you have experience using infant formula with your children?


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  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    I always used Enfamil soy formula with my kids because they seemed to tolerate soy better than the regular formula. We never tried this brand.

  2. shelly peterson says:

    We used similac spit-up formula for my grandson and it worked pretty well.They used to put 5.00 off coupons in them for the larger containers which was nice.

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