Review: Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food

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Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby FoodOn our journey through feeding, we have explored a variety of baby food products and I have learned that when it comes to prepared baby food, W definitely prefers the organics that come in pouches. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try the Ella’s Kitchen products with him. Ella’s Kitchen began when Paul Lindley grew concerned about the food his daughter, Ella, was eating. At Ella’s kitchen they are passionate about giving children the opportunity to eat healthy foods. They believe eating can be fun, tasty, and cool for kids! They currently offer 5 different product lines to meet the needs of children of various ages. We had the opportunity to try a variety of the Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food products as part of this review.

Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food pouchesWe received the 3 flavors from the Ella’s 1 Baby food line of products including Carrots, Apples, & Parsnips, Apples & Bananas, and Broccoli, Pears, & Peas. We also had the opportunity to try The Red One and The Purple One from the Smooth Fruits line.

Before I go any further, I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the Ella’s Kitchen packaging. I love the pouches but I also love the color of the packaging. When I am at the store, these pouches always catch my eye because of their bright, bold colors.They definitely stand out on the shelves full of pouches and jars.

Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby FoodAs I mentioned, I am also a fan of the pouch design. Once I discovered that the Boon spoon fits on all of the baby food pouches I was even more of a fan. The spoon fits perfectly on the Ella’s Kitchen pouches and makes feeding such a breeze. I love how convenient baby food pouches are because they are great for the diaper bag! W eats a lot of food with us from our plates but it is nice to have a pouch or two in the diaper bag in case of emergencies. They are also great in case I get hungry and need a little snack on the go!

I also like the Ella’s Kitchen baby food because it is 100% organic. They also have a number of other great features including:

  • no added water, preservatives, or thickeners
  • no gluten, wheat, dairy, or lactose
  • nothing artificial, just organic food!
  • no added salt or sweeteners

I felt great about offering these to W and he felt great about eating them! I will admit that I wasn’t sure he would be a fan of Broccoli, Pears, & Peas but after a few bites he was ready to go and it is actually one of his favorite flavors!

Ella's KitchenW enjoyed all of the flavors from Ella’s Kitchen and for the first time, I let him try just using the pouch to eat. The great thing about these pouches is that they can be a grab and go snack because you can suck the food right out of them if you know how! I wasn’t sure W was quite old enough and you can see from the photo that it was messy but he actually got most of the food into his mouth!

We are definitely fans of Ella’s Kitchen and as W continues to move to eating more and more food from our plates, I still keep some of these pouches handy for the diaper bag and on-the-go because of the convenience factor! If you’re looking for easy food for your baby or your older kids and want to make sure they are getting the healthy stuff, I would recommend that you check out Ella’s Kitchen.

You can purchase Ella’s Kitchen products in most stores and I always see them at my Target and Babies ‘R Us. You can also use the Where to Buy feature on the Ella’s Kitchen website to locate a store near you! To learn even more about this great company, get connected on Twitter and Facebook!

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes. However, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

294 Shares Twitter 292 Facebook 1 Google+ 0 Pin It Share 0 StumbleUpon 1 294 Shares ×
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  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing this awesome product! I would love to try the carrots, apples, and parsnips flavor! Fresh carrot/apple juice is my favorite, and I”m sure it would be my daughters too :)

    Love your blog!
    Tory Shultz recently posted..The Adventures of Cloth Diapering: Part 3

  2. Hannah Avery says:

    My son would probably like the Apples and Banana one!

  3. I think all of the baby brekkie flavors sound really good!

  4. I’d love to try “The Red One” :o)

  5. I’d like to have her try brocolli, pears, and peas.

  6. I have a 10wk old little girl & I am glad for this review..i would like the sweet potato pumpkin, apples & blueberrys. Sounds like it would be delish:)

  7. stephanie miller says:

    i think we would love to try the carrots apples + parsnips, and the apples and bananas

  8. i’d love ‘the red one’

    annae07 at aol dot

  9. I would love to win
    mycraftingworld at gmail dot com

  10. I would like the apples and bananas.

  11. I would love to try peaches and bananas for my son!

  12. Jenny Moses says:

    First Tastes Pears

  13. I’d love to try the sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples & blueberries

  14. My kids love these things and they are almost 4. Great way to get good stuff into them.
    Theresa recently posted..#WinnerWonderland Giveaway Hop Sign-Ups

  15. Becky Craig says:

    I’d like to try The Purple One

  16. Colleen Maurina says:

    I would like to try their Broccoli, Pears & Peas.

  17. I hit enter before adding the link to my tweet today (well actually my 15 month old son hit enter :) here it is!/JRGhrist/status/116511063159222272

  18. heather stewart says:

    the red one

  19. I’d like to try Brocoli, pears, and peas for my daughter.

  20. Carrie Phelps says:

    the apple banana sounds yummy!

  21. I think my girls would love any of the flavors that contain apple but hmmm Id like to see them try the Apple Carrot and Parsnips.

  22. I’d like to try any of the brekkie pouches, like the blueberry + pear. ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  23. Amanda Boerst says:

    The sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, & blueberry one sounds amazing!

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  24. the green one! my daughter won’t eat peas

  25. Bonnye Sensenig says:

    My daughter loves the carrots, apples & parsnips!

  26. The Peaches & Bananas and the Butternut Squash/Carrots/Apples/Prunes sound good. :-)

  27. Sherry S. says:

    I think the blueberry + pear baby brekkie sounds great.

  28. amanda l h says:

    My son and daughter would probably like the purple and red one. But I’d like them to try the carrot, apples and parsnips.

    (forgot to leave email I use-shmilgah at or iheartcoupons4 at gmail-can’t remember which)

  29. I think my son would love the peaches and bananas!
    Jenny Hull recently posted..Go Green Event Sponsor Spotlight: Rockin’ Green

  30. carrots apples and parsnips! yum!

  31. My son absolutely love the broccoli pears and peas he has tried a few flavors and have yet to find one he didn’t love:)

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