Review: Amy Michelle Diaper Bag

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Amy Michelle go totesOne thing I had never considered when registering for baby gear was how my diaper bag would work with cloth diapers. I fell in love with all of the diaper bags because they were so cute and I really had no idea what I needed  when it came to taking W on the go. Over the past few months, I’ve tried a few different bags and they have worked at different times but I learned that to travel with cloth diapers I really needed certain features in a diaper bag. A cute print shouldn’t really be the deciding factor! Thankfully, I’ve discovered Amy Michelle go totes and a great diaper bag solution for going out and about with cloth!

Amy Michelle Madison AvenueAmy Michelle offers a wide variety of all-in-one totes that can be used as a purse, diaper bag, work bag, and travel bag! There are times when we’re going to be out and about for a while and I need a bag that is going to go the extra mile and fit everything including my cloth diapers! I had the opportunity to try the Madison Avenue tote from Amy Michelle to see how it fit my needs as a mother who uses fluff!

The Madison Avenue feature a  front section for you to store your things, a baby’s organization area in the middle, and a separate changing area in the back. It is generously sized at 12.5″L x 4″W x 15″H and features 5 different color combinations. I chose the red with khaki lining although I was tempted by the black with apple green lining! It was a tough decision but I really enjoy the red so I’m glad I went with it. Monogramming is also available if you are interested. I will admit that since W was born I am a bigger fan of monogramming. I would have his name on everything if I could!

Madison Avenue Tote from Amy MichelleThe Madison Avenue Tote is extremely roomy and has a number of wonderful features. Some of my favorite features include:

  • the 2 internal and 2 external pockets that are great for baby bottles and water bottles!
  • the stroller attachments allow you to hang the bag on your stroller
  • the adjustable shoulder strap allows both J and I to use the diaper bag and have it fit well!
  • the internal pockets allow me to stay organized without taking up too much space inside the bag

I definitely liked the Amy Michelle tote for my general diaper bag needs, but the true test came when it was time to pack it with some cloth diapers in tow. I will admit that when we go out I often put W in a disposable (yes, I’m a combination mom when it comes to almost everything!) but when we are taking trips to the grandparents and other places, I like to take cloth with us.

Madison Avenue Tote fits all diaper bag needs!The Madison Avenue Tote from Amy Michelle passed this test with flying colors! In this photo it is packed to go to see J’s mom and dad (Grammy and GranDad). I was able to fit in 3 stuffed pockets and also my little pouch that has a few disposable diapers and changing pads in it. Underneath that is a package of wipes, a change of clothes, a burp cloth and a bib as well as a plastic bag with a formula dispenser and extra bottle. On the sides you can see that I have a bottle and an entire container of snacks on the other side. Now I usually don’t take the whole container but I was interested to see how it would fit! There is still plenty of room in the bag to add a few toys or more diapers so I would say it pass with flying colors!

If you’re looking for a great diaper bag with plenty of space. I would recommend the Madison Avenue Tote from Amy Michelle. The Madison Avenue retails for $54.95 without a monogram or $64.95 with a monogram and shipping is free in the US! If the Madison Avenue Tote isn’t quite your style, check out the other great totes available at Amy Michelle! There is something for every style! You can learn more about Amy Michelle on their blog, on Twitter, and on their Facebook page!

Formula Mom Disclosure: I received a free product for review purposes, however all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

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