Music on the Go with NYNE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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NYNE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Music on the Go with NYNE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

As a technology buff, I love the fact that I no longer need a CD player in my bedroom like I had growing up. I don’t have to keep track of tons of discs. But… when I want to listen to music around the house, the speakers on my devices have never really cut it. I’ve had some speaker sets that plug in to my iPod or phone but they never really met my needs. So when I learned about the NYNE Portable Bluetooth Speaker, I was intrigued.

What first caught my attention was the fact that it can be used around the house, indoors or outdoors, and even on the handles of my bike or stroller. That is true music on the go for me. I don’t wear earbuds when I ride my bike or walk with W in the stroller. I like to be as aware as possible of what’s going on around me. So a portable bluetooth speaker is a great solution!

Portable Bluetooth Speaker from NYNE

But W loves music when we’re hanging out in the morning and especially when we’re out walking around the neighborhood. So it’s great to break out this speaker and pull up some of our favorite tunes. It works with my iPad, iPod Touch, J’s iPhone, and my Android phone. If your device is Bluetooth-enabled then it should work.

I love the versatility of the speaker and it also includes a 3.5mm Stereo Aux-in for use with devices that do not have Bluetooth capability. The speaker also includes a rechargeable battery that allows for up to 5 hours of playtime!

Music on the Go with Portable Bluetooth SpeakerMusic on the Go

Although the speaker doesn’t fit on the handle of my Joovy Zoom jogging stroller, it fits right in the pocket of the parent organizer so we have been able to take it out on walks with us. And it has been great to have around the house. I love that I don’t have to get up and plug my phone into the speaker to use it.

I can just open my music app and choose a playlist! And if my phone rings while we’re listening to music, it’s not a problem to take the call while the speaker is in use! Oh, and the speaker is compact and doesn’t take up much space when sitting on the kitchen counter or the mantle in the living room!

If you’re looking for a portable bluetooth speaker that is easy to set up and use on a daily basis, consider the NYNE NB-200 speaker. You can learn more by connecting with NYNE on Facebook, on Twitter @NYNEmultimedia, and on Pinterest! It’s a great gift for that tech-minded person in your life!

How do you take your music on the go with your different devices?

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  1. NIcole Strunk says:

    This would be great for gardening this spring and in the bathroom! I could use it in my car too. I do not have speakers.

  2. I’d love this to use like a timer to get the kids out of the shower! music goes off / water goes off…. in theory it works lol

  3. This would be great – so many uses!!

  4. Victoria Wiggs says:

    this would be soo cool

  5. michelle warner says:

    this is the coolest little speaker i have evr seen, great review

  6. Rachael Henzman says:

    This looks so cool! I need one!

  7. This would be awesome to have in the summer to take outside with us.

  8. Amanda Alvarado says:

    This would be great for dh! He could use it when he’s outside BBQing or working in the yard! I love that it works with Android based devices and that it has a rechargeable battery!

  9. Dianna Thomas says:

    What a great product–and review== I could see many uses for this ,gardening,at the park with the kids–this is great and would be great to have

  10. krista grandstaff says:

    I’d love to have this when we go camping… or biking… I have surround sound in the house, and outside… but I ride every day, rain or shine, and never wear my earbuds because I’m scared I won’t hear a car, etc…these would be perfect!

  11. Kiana Amirehsani says:

    YAY! The speaker I have right now only lasts for about an hour :(

  12. I am so excited to see this product. I have never had an ipod but just yesterday bought my daughters old one so she would have one with a camera. It was a “deal” we made so she could learn how to save her money and upgrade. I know I’d use this while out in the garden, hanging out in the basement and doing projects. I have been “music-less” except for the kitchen cd player since my clock radio broke. Yes, I am old school but ready to make the leap to tech reality! Thanks!

  13. johnny-amy lynn says:

    love the fact that its very easy to get set up!!!

  14. Thomas Murphy says:

    sounds like a great speaker, thanks for the review.

  15. We take music on the go with Pandora through our ipad or iphones. But this would be Much better sound quality and volume!

  16. I’m not sure that using this when you’re out on a bike (or with a stroller) is a good idea – I try not to impose my (sometimes bizarre) musical tastes on the rest of the world :-)

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