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We're a tea drinking family!

We are a tea drinking family! I drink iced tea all day long and we all enjoy drinking hot tea in the morning and in the evening. (Yes, we’re also a family who can get a little goofy once we get the camera out!) Coffee creamer is part of our hot tea routine because it adds a little something to a nice cup of tea. For quite awhile we’ve been using powder coffee creamer because it was what my mom also had at work so she was used to it. Recently we have been trying to eat a diet that is a bit more clean and reduce our intake of artificial ingredients. As soon as she looked at the back of the powdered creamer at the ingredient list, she was done with it! She announced that she would wait to use creamer until we got something that was more natural.

Natural Bliss Creamer #NaturalBlissWM

So when we went to Walmart to do our weekly grocery shopping, she was on the quest to find an all-natural alternative! Coffee Mate Natural Bliss is an all-natural coffee creamer that only has four ingredients! A few weeks ago I was reading tips on eating a more clean diet and one of the recommendations was to check ingredient lists and only purchase products with five or less ingredients. Natural Bliss definitely fit the bill!

Natural Bliss natural flavored creamer comes in three flavors although at our Walmart there were only two to choose from. I decided to let my mom choose and initially she wanted to get the vanilla flavor because she thought it would have less fat than the sweet cream flavor. She said sweet cream sounded too decadent. We did a quick comparison of the nutritional labels and discovered that both flavors only had four natural ingredients, 1.5 grams of fat per serving, and 35 calories for a 1 Tablespoon serving. Once we realized they were the same, she quickly changed her mind and wanted to try the sweet cream flavor. We both thought it sounded like it would be delicious in our hot tea! Natural Bliss also comes in a caramel flavor that I think would be delicious in coffee even though I’m not a big coffee drinker.

Natural Bliss Creamer only has 4 ingredients!

I love that Natural Bliss had no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners! It’s just milk and cream which is all that we need! My mom was thrilled and we were also happy to see that it was competitively priced. With a family of five and four dogs, we try to save money wherever we can. I even tried to go online and print the Natural Bliss coupon to save $1 on 2 bottles of Natural Bliss but I had some computer issues and couldn’t print the coupon. Next week I will be taking it with me though because we will be buying more for sure!

Natural Bliss adds creamy richness to your drink without adding artificial ingredients!

We liked that we could pronounce all of the ingredients and we knew what they all were. I do wonder a bit about the natural flavors but I loved that there wasn’t any artificial coloring or sweeteners! Trying to eat a more clean diet is all about making simple, small changes. Natural Bliss is just one way that we can do that! Of course, we were shopping on Mother’s Day weekend and we were hungry so we ended up buying a special Mother’s Day treat for ourselves! You can see my entire shopping trip in my Natural Bliss Google+ #NaturalBlissWM album!

Happy Mother's Day with Natural Bliss

I will admit that doughnuts aren’t exactly the best choice to make when trying to eat more clean but sometimes a little splurge is okay! We got them to have with our tea on Sunday morning as a Mother’s Day gift to ourselves!

Natural Bliss Creamer

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day morning! We traded cards and went for a walk/jog then came back home to enjoy our breakfast. We both still use Splenda and haven’t been able to break that habit quite yet. My most recent accomplishment in eating a healthier diet was saying goodbye to diet soda. I have completely eliminated aspartame from my diet which was a bigger challenge than I thought it would be because aspartame seems to be in everything! I have given myself some time before I work on the rest of the artificial sweeteners I use and have been working on getting my daily water intake in every single day!

Natural Bliss creamer #NaturalBlissWM

Natural Bliss turned out to be a delicious replacement for our old powdered creamer! It also mixed in so much easier and made our tea taste more flavorful and rich. We have definitely found a simple switch that we will be sticking with on our quest to eat a less artificial diet. I think next time we’ll probably get both the sweet cream and vanilla flavors to try. I may also have to convince my husband to make some iced coffee because I do like a good glass of iced coffee and I think the Coffee Mate Natural Bliss would be a great addition!

Have you tried Natural Bliss coffee creamer? Which flavor would you like to try?

You can learn more about Natural Bliss at and on Facebook.


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  1. All of the above!

  2. I want one! :) I actually quit drinking coffee during this pregnancy, but I sure miss it. I love flavored creamers. This one is perfect since it is natural and real ingredients. I can’t wait to try the vanilla. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. I love that it has so little ingredients, that’s great. I’m a coffee and tea drinker so I’ll have to look out for it at the shops.
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  4. We tried it in hot tea too! Love it!
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  5. When I go out I usually order tea lattes but I don’t ever really think to make them at home. I love the idea of using the creamer in my tea. Going to try some of that tonight.

  6. Aww, what a sweet mother’s day gift!

  7. What a great way to spend the day. I only drink coffee and my boys aren’t tea drinkers. lol I love the Caramel flavored creamer! That stuff is yummy!
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  8. Oh I just love the carmel, yum!!
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  9. I have never tried creamer in my tea-I am going to have to give it a try. I drink coffee all day and night and think that switching to tea at night with the Natural Bliss may be a great change(love the caramel)!!
    Chacoy recently posted..Finding Bliss in Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer #NaturalBlissWM #CBias

  10. Oh my goodness, what a lovely looking Mother’s Day treat! Sweet cream is my favorite flavor, but I haven’t tried it in tea, yet. Sounds delicious!
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  11. What a sweet mother’s day treat!!
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