Celebrate National Hot Dog Month! #HormelFamily

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National Hot Dog Month

Celebrate National Hot Dog Month

Did you know that July is National Hot Dog Month? I just found out! It’s true that you learn something new every day, right? Or at least every few days! Thankfully I didn’t miss out on National Hot Dog Month!

I wouldn’t want to miss out on enjoying at least one of the 7 billion hot dogs Americans will eat this summer! I will admit that I like a good hot dog with tons of ketchup. Yes, I probably use a bit more ketchup than most people but I can’t help it! It’s just what I like!

There’s also another type of hot dog that I cannot resist… a chili dog! But I actually prefer to make them at home because I don’t like mustard much. I either skip it or just do a dab.

National Chili Dog Day

I’m just full of fun food knowledge today! Did you know that July 28th marks the grand finale of National Hot Dog Month with National Chili Dog Day? Me either but I’m planning on using it as an excuse to have chili dogs this weekend!

I recently joined the Hormel Extended Family Blogger program and am thrilled to kick of this new partnership with chili dogs! Hormel provides a variety of different chili flavors to help you make your hot dog your own. You can go the classic route with Hormel chili no beans or add a kick with Hormel hot chili with beans.

J would probably be up for adding a little spice to his dog! I’ll be sticking to the classics. I like what I like!

Do you have any family hot dog recipes? How will you dress up your dog during National Hot Dog Month?

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  1. I really like the looks of the new guacamole hotdog from Sonic, it would be cool to try to re-create that one at home!
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  2. Mmmmm… hot dogs. I love chili cheese dogs. Just chili & cheese. No onions or mustard!
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  3. I definitely love hot dogs with chili, onions, etc. Thanks for sharing. :)
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  4. I am SO missing a GOOD Chicago dog right now! Did you know hot dog places stink in Vegas? HELP!!
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  5. Yummy! I didn’t know that about July being National Hotdog month, but it makes sense! How fun!
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