Mom Made Easy: Gift Closet

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Mom Made Easy! Quick Tips for Busy Moms

These days it seems like there is always a birthday party happening or some other event that requires a gift or a card. Before I know it, the holidays will be here and it will be gift mania. As a busy mom, I don’t always have time to run out and grab a gift or card so I have borrowed an idea from my grandmother!

The Gift Closet

My grandmother had part of her closet stocked with gift items and greeting cards so that she was always prepared for anything that might pop up without having to run out to a store. When you see a sale on gift items such as candles, bath wash sets, picture frames, craft kits, or toys that could make great gifts later in the year, pick up a few extras! Stock up on greeting cards when your greeting card store has a sale and don’t forget wrapping paper or gift bags! I always check clearance shelves at the end of each season for deals on everything gift related! I’m still building up my gift closet but it has come in handy a few times already!

Do you have a gift closet? What types of things do you buy to keep your gift closet stocked?

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Mariah is a former teacher and mother of a rambunctious little boy living in The Woodlands, Texas. She recently welcomed a little girl into the family and is learning how to balance a toddler and an infant! She works every day to figure out how to balance all of her roles and figure out her formula for being mom! She can also be found at Mommy Mindset Media, Disney DIY and Noise Girls.


  1. I do have a gift closet! Started it about 6 or 7 years ago. I try to snag cards and gift wrap on clearance and watch for sales on multipurpose items (like hand lotion for teacher gifts, etc.) and specific items (like toys I know my sons will love) so that I’m not caught up in a last minute shopping frenzy. Saves me a ton of money and time!
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  2. I have something similar. I have enough gift wrap, bags, and tags to last me at least 3 years lol And I have a few gifts in there. I try to shop the week after Christmas to get the best deals.
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  3. I do have a gift closet. Not only for my family but for our holiday charities.. I try to stock up on boy and girl birthday gifts for those parties when I forgot to run out or someone in our neighborhood has an impromptu party.
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  4. I have a gift bin. It’s one of those clear plastic bins with the lid on it. I store everything from school supplies, to toys, to end-of-season sale items (summer stuff is a big hit in this home), to gift wrap and cards. It saves a ton of money and time! I’ve been able to purchase gifts for Christmas and be done shopping by August save for a few small items in the past.
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  5. I too have a gift box with various items for all kinds of occasions, I had not really thought others did this, lol. Makes life so much easier when you are short on cash and was able to take advantage of specials.

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