Toddlers Get a Boost with Luv Chicken (Review) #ngfamily

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Luv Chicken Booster Cushion

Luv Chicken Booster Cushion

Quite some time ago, my son went on strike. What can a 1-year-old have to protest? Life is so simple and easy, right? Well apparently that is not the case when it comes to W and his high chair. The booster chair we have lasted for a few weeks but not for long! He wanted to sit at the table like the rest of us.

He’s a tall guy at 36 inches (even though he’s only 21 months old) but not quite tall enough to sit in a chair like we do. A few more inches and he’ll be golden. But he’s not quite there yet. So I have been on the hunt for something to give him a bit of a boost. When I discovered Luv Chicken, I was beyond thrilled.

Luv Chicken Booster Cushion for Toddlers

Booster Cushion for Kids

I love that the booster cushion doesn’t look like a high chair or booster seat. I was sure that having a different chair from the rest of the family is what W was resisting.  So I was ready to try it out! The 4″ boost sounded like the perfect height for our needs! I have to admit that I also loved the adorable prints available on the booster cushions!

Features of Luv Chicken Booster Cushion

The booster cushion is extremely lightweight. Even W can cart it around the house (and trust me when I say that he has)! I love the handle on the back of the cushion that makes it very easy to carry. These features make it great for taking when we go out. W loves sitting in a booth when we go to restaurants.

I am not a fan of the booster chairs at restaurants. They don’t seem big enough to fit on the seat of the booths so they slide backwards. Then W can’t reach the table. The rock back and forth too which makes me worry a bit. But that is not the case with the Luv Chicken booster because it has a non-slip bottom that helps keep it in place!

Easy to Clean Luv Chicken Booster Cushion

Convenient, Durable, and Adorable

My favorite thing about the Luv Chicken booster cushion is that it is practical. It’s great for using at home and at restaurants. But I can also see it being great when W is finally old enough to go to the movies. He’s also enjoyed using it to sit on our hardwood floors in the living room. Apparently it makes a great driving space for his cars as well!

I am a huge fan of products that have multiple uses because it extends the life of the product in most cases. I can see us using our cushion for the next few years at least. That only increases the value! So many baby and toddler products have such a short window of use that I hesitate to purchase them. That is not the case with Luv Chicken!

Toddler Gets a Boost with Luv Chicken

Meals Get a Boost with Luv Chicken

Luv Chicken has gotten a stamp of approval from W! He uses it at the dinner table and all over the house. I love that it’s so easy to wipe clean. It’s great for getting spilled on because clean up is quick and easy. W loves sitting at the table like the rest of us. He’s even taken it outside to sit in one of our patio chairs! Talk about versatility!

Check out the Luv Chicken website to see the great prints that are available. You can also connect with Luv Chicken on Facebook and on Twitter @luvchicken1!

Where would you use a booster cushion? At home? Out to dinner?

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  1. I like how easy that is to wipe up and the fact it doesn’t slip is a huge plus. Much cuter than a phone book! (Also, who has phone books anymore?)
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner…Except It Was For Lunch

  2. That is really nice! My kids all sat on phone books!
    Melissa Lawler recently posted..Make Someone’s Day

  3. I’ve said it before… I WANT this!! How easy would this be to bring to restaurants, etc as well? Both of my kids hate high chairs and if we don’t have a booth option it’s so hard to eat dinner without them standing and making a mess.
    Danielle recently posted..Super Undies – Our Nighttime Saving Grace {Potty Training}

  4. How cool are these??? I seriously am considering ordering these for the nieces and nephews as Christmas gifts! Very cool!
    Kristin Wheeler (MamaLuvsBooks) recently posted..Helping Kids with Box Tops for Education ~ #jingit4edu #CBias

  5. I can totally use one of those!!!
    Ronni Keller recently posted..Recipe: Roasted Pork Tenderloin With Apricot Walnut Chutney

  6. I love this name, and I must say that I thought it had to do with actual chicken :)
    Ashley Suzanne recently posted..Become a Savings Club Member and SAVE!

  7. awesome…i would get one for home and one for when we go out for my little grandson

  8. That’s such a neat booster seat. My grandson definitely needs one of these at our table!

  9. This would be soo nice to have when visiting
    Lori Thomas recently posted..Instantbucks

  10. These are great. I love that it has a carry handle!

  11. Chasity Boatman says:

    I love that it’s easy to wipe off. This would be great for my son.

  12. These are great. I love that it’s easy to carry and easy to clean.
    Melinda C recently posted..Harp Diapers Review & Giveaway!!!

  13. Jessica E Ledford says:

    These are adorable! I love the cute little print!

  14. Oh finally a booster that doesn’t look hideous!

  15. chelesa sims says:

    This would be perfect for my son. He isnt quite tall enough to sit at the table without books under him but old enough to sit at the table. I love how easy the cushions are to wipe off because when it is time to eat there is huge mess.

  16. great idea– we have been using pillows and telephone books for a few years

  17. This is so great – my daughter is 3 1/2, but she’s short, and a booster is too ‘baby-ish’ as she puts it, so this would be a perfect solution for her!

  18. This looks awesome! My son is anti-booster at this point and prefers to just sit in the chair…but he really does still need the boost to eat over the table easily! This might be the perfect solution for him. :-)

  19. Audra Weathers says:

    I so need one of these! I hate using booster seats at restaurants and my daughter hates them too. These look really comfy and I would always know it was clean!

  20. Jenny Stanek says:

    What a great idea!! My kids never want to use the little booster seats at restaurants, it makes them feel like babies. Plus they’re usually gross and covered in crusty nasty food. These look modern, not too babyish, and very effective. They would be perfectly portable too!

  21. this looks much better than the textbooks my kids sit on at my parents house

  22. This sounds like a great product. my favorite thing is that it’s safe, having a non-slip bottom that helps keep it in place. With that feature you can take it anywhere and use it at home!. My niece never wanted to sit on her high chair either, always wanted to be at the table with us so i’m sure my son will have some of that too :)
    Liz Ticona recently posted..To circumcise or not to circumcise?

  23. My son would love this. He is also starting to protest the high chairs and the restaurant booster seats definitely make me a little nervous.

  24. This would be so much better than the phone books we use for when our friends with kids come over!

  25. Sonya Morris says:

    I need this now!!! I love the print too!

  26. Jennifer Young says:

    What a great idea! This would have been usual last weekend when we went camping and woke up and all of our chairs and the picnic table were all wet and we didn’t have anywhere to sit, lol!

  27. Definitely needed at our house. My 17 month o,d loves to climb up in the grown up chairs!

  28. love it… we eat at restaurants alot and those booster seats or high chairs are just plain gross at some of them. This would be a neat way to keep the grandsons close and let them enjoy some time at the table with us.

  29. ThePixieSprinkles says:

    I love that it is so easy to wipe clean! Much better than the old phonebook trick! lol =)

  30. i love this!!

  31. This is a great idea. I could really use this!
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  32. Jaime Nicole says:

    These are a cute alternative to a hard plastic booster seat!

  33. I love those. They look really comfy :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  34. Mary Dailey says:

    Perfect for older toddlers! I love that it can be wiped off easily too!

  35. Jennifer Nielsen says:

    These are awesome!! They completely beat out the regular booster seats. I love that wipe clean easy because as you all probably know, kids are messy eaters! This would be so much easier to store and wouldn’t hurt the chairs!

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