Affordable Family Fun: DIY Lava Lamp Craft

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If you’re looking for something to do with the family on a rainy Spring day, look around your house because you might have all the materials for DIY Lava Lamps! It’s a great craft activity that also gives the entire family a chance to explore some science!

Source: via Mariah on Pinterest

DIY Lava Lamp Craft

What you need:

Empty plastic water bottle with label removed
Vegetable oil
Food coloring
Antacid tablets

What you do:

  1. Fill a water bottle 3/4 full with vegetable oil and water (1/2 vegetable oil and 1/4 water). Be sure to leave a few inches empty!
  2. Add 10 drops of food coloring (the darker the color the better).
  3. Divide the antacid tablet into quarters.
  4. Drop a piece of antacid table into the bottle and watch it bubble!
  5. Repeat with additional pieces of antacid tablet.
  6. Place cap on the bottle and tip bottle back and forth to create a wave!
  7. You can also shine a flashlight on the bottle and turn out the lights to make it even more like a lava lamp!

This lava lamp craft is fun for the entire family and is a great way to spend an evening in! Throw a frozen pizza in the oven and have a family science night!

Have you ever created a homemade lava lamp? Have you ever created another science craft project?

130 Shares Twitter 3 Facebook 1 Google+ 0 Pin It Share 126 StumbleUpon 0 130 Shares ×
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