Keeping Your Family Healthy During Cold Season

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Disclosure: Keeping Your Family Healthy During Cold Season is a compensated conversation on behalf of Angel Soft. All thoughts and experiences are my own.

As we finish the final preparations for the arrival of our new addition, cold and flu season is definitely on my mind. It’s even more important than usual for me to make sure my family is prepared to be as healthy as we can be this winter. With a new little one in the house, we need to be even more diligent. Luckily, there are so many easy things we can do!

And yes, W’s new habit (pictured below) is one I’m trying to help him quit before cold season really sets in!

Keeping Your Family Healthy During Cold Season

Keeping Your Family Healthy During Cold Season

One of the keys to keeping everyone around here healthy is prevention. My goal is to prevent everyone from getting sick. But I also know we will have a lot of visitors over the next few months. Plus, I have to keep my little man healthy! So I gathered a handful of my favorite tips for keeping my family healthy to share!

  1. Good nutrition – The holiday season brings so many tempting goodies. But one way I help my family stay healthy is by making sure we are still eating a well-balanced diet. I make sure we have plenty of fruits and veggies. And that everyone is staying hydrated!
  2. Rest – Around here the winter months are super busy with visits to family and other holiday festivities, so it’s important to make sure everyone is getting enough rest. This means mom and dad too! W is pretty good about sleeping but sometimes I find myself just wanting to get a few more things done when I should be sleeping!
  3. Keep it clean – I try to make sure that I’m more diligent about cleaning W’s toys and other surfaces during cold season, especially after we have had friends over to play. We also do a lot of hand washing which goes a long well with activities to teach kids about germs.
  4. Cover your mouth – This is one I have been working on with W. Sometimes he gets it and sometimes he doesn’t. But I plan to stick with it. I’m trying to teach him to use his arm or a tissue if we have one handy to help reduce the spread of germs.

Really, it’s all about balance and keeping our lives in balance when those cold and flu germs come knocking!

Angel Soft Facial Tissue

Stay Healthy with Angel Soft Facial Tissue

Luckily, Angel Soft offers a great affordable facial tissue option. We have stocked up in our house so I don’t have to feel like I need to be stingy with the tissues. In fact, tissues are the last thing I want to limit when trying to encourage W to blow his nose and catch his sneezes! And I love the balance of softness and strength in the facial tissue. They are durable and we haven’t had any sore, red noses!

Since I began my partnership with Angel Soft, we have been using the facial tissue. It’s been a great balance of strength and softness for us along with the affordability. With a new baby on the way, I’m looking to save money wherever I can. It’s great when I can save on brands I love! Be sure to check the Angel Soft Facebook page  for great coupons!

How do you keep your family healthy during cold season?

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Mariah is a former teacher and mother of a rambunctious little boy living in The Woodlands, Texas. She recently welcomed a little girl into the family and is learning how to balance a toddler and an infant! She works every day to figure out how to balance all of her roles and figure out her formula for being mom! She can also be found at Mommy Mindset Media, Disney DIY and Noise Girls.


  1. I love that pic of W :) I have been guilty of buying the cheapest tissue for when we all get sick and it’s the worst!! Next time I’ll follow your lead and get some Angel Soft!
    Leanne recently posted..Home sweet Lundby {SMÅLAND Swedish doll’s house review}

  2. I have two sickies home with me at the moment and we are stocked up on facial tissue! The scene above is one we have often. Especially with my daughter. She loves digging for bats in the cave.
    Danielle recently posted..12 Totally Terrific Thanksgiving Recipes

  3. So I have to admit that we don’t purchase facial tissue! We use napkins or toilet paper or boogie wipes when its the kids! Mom fail! I will have to go out and get some facial tissue this season!
    Leila recently posted..ROCKtoberfest Giveaway Hop {Giveaway}

  4. Oh yes, my boys love to pick their noses as well… :p A very lovely habit. I use Angel Soft tissue all the time because around here, with three littles, it seems like at least one of us is sick at all times.
    Jessica A recently posted..Disney’s Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel on DVD now!

  5. Rebecca Parsons says:

    This is definitely an issue in our home of germs. We have 6 people and I am forever the one who is cleaning up doorknobs and handles too because of germs. I have been the one who has gotten sick though, but I am glad it’s not the kids getting sick.

  6. Now that my grandson has started preschool, he’s been bringing home viruses to the entire family. We wash his hands immediately when he gets home from school. We all wash our hands a million times a day too so we try and not spread it to each other. THis is going to be a rough winter for us!

  7. We up our vitamin intake during the cold months.
    Tiffany (Fabulous Mom Blog) recently posted..TGIF giveaway link-up

  8. LOL love the picture, all my kids have colds right now.. I guess its that time of year….
    courtney b recently posted..My new Must Have – Lace

  9. He will love your for that picture in ten years…lol! I love the cooler weather but hate the dreaded time of winter colds. Great tips on staying healthy during cold season.

  10. alwaways wash my hands

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