Stealing a Holiday Break with Style #PollinateMedia

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InStyle People Style Watch Deal #PollinateMedia

Stealing a Holiday Break with Style

Every so often I love to pick up a few magazines at the store. They are great in the bathroom (is that tmi?) but I love having a few in my nightstand. Plus, many of the magazines are great for classroom projects once we’re done reading them. I don’t have much time to read them though. So when the holiday breaks roll around at school, I try to snag a few.

It’s not too difficult to find magazines to enjoy at Target. This weekend I took advantage of a great deal at Target too. One that ended with me taking a gift card home in my wallet! All I had to do was pick up the latest issues of People Style Watch and InStyle. With covers  promising great gift ideas and ways to stay healthy this holiday season, it was a no brainer for me!

Buy Magazines, Get a Target Gift Card #PollinateMedia

Although there were no signs advertising the deal, by purchasing both magazines you get a $5 Target gift card! People Style Watch was $3.99 while InStyle cost me $4.99. So with the gift card I basically got InStyle for free! I can’t complain much about that! I didn’t use my gift card on this shopping trip. But I’m at Target at least once a week so it will get used.

I might also add it to my stash of Target gift cards I have been saving for holiday shopping.

Stay healthy this holiday with InStyle magazine #PollinateMedia

Holiday Health and Style with InStyle

As I was flipping through the magazines while W napped, I spotted some great articles. But first can I admit that I love looking at the ads in fashion and style magazines? I think it might be one of my guilty pleasures. I love the ones that have an artsy look to them. So it’s fun to flip through and check them all out.

But the article in InStyle that I had to read was about staying healthy during the holidays. I love to indulge in holidays sweets and treats. But I don’t love how I feel when I overindulge. So I’m always on the hunt for as many tips and tricks as I can find to help me through the season.

People Style Watch holiday Gift Ideas #PollinateMedia

Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas with People Style Watch

I also had a blast “window shopping” through People Style Watch. After checking out the holiday makeup and hair ideas, I couldn’t help but jump to the 100+ gift ideas featured in the issue. There were gifts in all price ranges and I especially enjoyed the gifts under $25. One of my faves (and one I hope ends up in my stocking) was the ChapStick Cheerful Lip Kit! I always have ChapStick with me so this would be a perfect gift for me!

I picked up these magazines to enjoy during the little bit of downtime I might get during holiday breaks from school. These moments are also known as nap time and they have been few and far between these days. It’s not as easy as it was when he was a little guy. But I do what I can and was thrilled to see the great variety of features in each magazine. These will definitely last me through December!

Plus, I get to do a little more shopping the next time I stop in at Target!

What magazines do you read when you have a little “me” time?

Formula Mom Disclosure: This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™. All experiences and opinions are 100% my own. #PollinateMedia

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  1. when I have a little ME time, I read my parenting magazines. I find such fun activity ideas to do with the kids. But, that ME time is very rare. lol.
    Amber Edwards recently posted..Dusting made Fast and Easy with Endust; Start Living.

  2. I love dressing up for the holidays. I haven’t read this magazine yet, but will definitely check it out.
    Ashley S recently posted..Lipton Tea and Honey Blackberry Pomegranate Spritzer #FamilyTeaTime #Cbias

  3. I read my Martha Stewart Living magazines when I have little me time, it usually inspires some creativity that forces MORE me time later. I love beauty magazines for that reason too, as a nail polish/nail art freak, I always find a pattern or new color I love and have to try it out.
    Monique recently posted..15 Weeks

  4. I was just at Target today! They have a HUGE selection of magazines! I wish I had known about that deal before we left, though!
    Melody recently posted..26 Delightful Cupcake Recipes!

  5. I like any magazine honestly. Anything that is not a kids book
    Debi@ The Spring Mount 6 Pack recently posted..A Healthy Diet Is A Perfect Pet Presents All Year Round

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