Happy National Dog Day from Frankenweenie & Toby! #DisneyMoviesEvent

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Happy National Dog Day from Frankeweenie

Happy National Dog Day!

Celebrate good times! Come on! Oh wait, you didn’t know today was National Dog Day? Well, you’re not alone! Maybe that’s what Toby has been trying to tell me with all of his yipping. Oh wait, that is him telling me that he’s hungry for dinner even when he’s just had breakfast.

Even if you didn’t know it, the fact remains! Today is the day and the dogs of the Formula Mom zoo wish you the best! Actually Lola isn’t here, Murray is snoring so I don’t think he cares, and Toby is yipping. Apparently only Toby is excited. He probably thinks he deserves extra treats or something. Or maybe he is looking forward to the release of Disney’s  Frankenweenie on October 5th!

There is just one problem…

Happy National Dog Day Toby

I haven’t found a movie theater that allows dogs in. He might be cute, but I don’t think he’s cute enough to fool anyone. He’s all dog! Even when he’s playing coy. I might fall for his cute faces but I doubt the ticket takers would! He’ll just have to wait for Frankenweenie on DVD!

Don’t worry, we’ll still celebrate with a few extra dog treats!

Happy National Dog Day!

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  1. We gave my guy Harris a bath, a nice cut and a mani/pedi! Some doggy spa love!!
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  2. What a cute pic :) Our doggie Major received a special treat today :)
    Diva Locks recently posted..Happy National Dog Day: From Disney’s Frankenweenie

  3. Such a cute pic of your dog! And I can’t wait to see the movie!
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  4. I really need to watch this!
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  5. Awww a dog theatre would be amazing! Happy Dog day! :)
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