Guilt Free Cupcakes for Family Night! #CoolWhipFrosting #Cbias

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Guilt Free Cupcakes #CoolWhipFrosting

Guilt Free Cupcakes

What’s the special occasion? There isn’t one! It was just another weekend with my family. The perfect everyday occasion to make a special treat. But I’m also watching what I eat these days. It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a bit of a splurge once a week by making guilt free cupcakes.

Plus, with a few tips and tricks it doesn’t even have to threaten your waistline. What mom doesn’t love the sound of that?

Making Guilt Free Cupcakes #CoolWhipFrosting

Tips and Tricks

Grambo and I headed out to Walmart to pick up some things for a rainy evening in with the family. She was craving chili and it just seemed to make sense. I love a nice, hearty meal on a dreary day. You can see our entire shopping trip in my #CoolWhipFrosting Google+ album.

Yes, you read that correctly! Instead of picking up my usual tub of frosting when I got the cake mix, I discovered Cool Whip Frosting! J had requested vanilla cupcakes when I told him I wanted to make cupcakes. So I found some delicious looking vanilla cake mix and then began debating my frosting options.

The entire time, I was focused on making cupcakes that wouldn’t mess up all the hard work I had done eating well during the week. I know how to make low-calorie cake using diet soda. That part wasn’t the challenge. It always comes down to the frosting!

Cool Whip Frosting

I usually use my mixer to stretch a can of cake frosting and make it go further. Then I can use less on each cupcake which saves me calories. Plus, I generally only use about a tablespoon of frosting on each cupcake rather than the full 2 tablespoon serving listed on the container of frosting.

When I found the Cool Whip Frosting in the frozen aisles near other dessert toppings and fillings. It was simple to find and I was thrilled to discover that there were three flavors! Vanilla, chocolate, and cream cheese! I can make any cake goodie that I want with this frosting. Yes, even my much loved red velvet cake balls!

I wanted to see how it compared to regular frosting. When I discovered it was only 60 calories for a 2 tablespoon serving, I think I swooned a bit! I love finding new tricks!

Food Coloring Makes Frosting Fun! #CoolWhipFrosting

Get Baking

Once we got home it was time to get baking! The boys were ready and waiting to have a great family dinner. While Grambo started prepping the chili, I got to work on the cupcakes. I used my soda trick which J loves because it means we can safely lick the beaters. No eggs to worry about!

Then I decided to add a little more fun to things and let W choose a color to make the frosting! He chose green instead of his usual blue. Grambo was happy because it’s her favorite color! Everyone happy and the cupcakes weren’t even out of the oven yet!

Making Every Day Special with #CoolWhipFrosting

A few drops of food coloring, some mixing, and we had green frosting for our cupcakes. By using the mixer I fluffed the frosting up even more which means it will go even further! The flavor of the vanilla Cool Whip Frosting was amazing as well. Yes, we had to taste test it before it went on the cupcakes! Everyone loved the light flavor and it was good that we had extra. I might have had a few spoonfuls that never even saw the top of a cupcake!

Low Calorie Cupcakes with Diet Soda #CoolWhipFrosting

Family Dinner Time

Then the cupcakes were ready to come out of the oven to cool. The chili was ready to be eaten. It was time for us to sit down and just enjoy being a family. You don’t need a birthday or other special occasion to enjoy the company of family and friends! Any day is the perfect day to make a special little treat!

Turkey Chili and Biscuits

I made some quick biscuits in the oven while the chili finished up and it made for a tasty meal. W isn’t a fan of chili but he had some soup along with a biscuit. Of course, everyone had their mind on cupcakes and when they would be ready. So as soon as we were done eating, it was cupcake time!

Cool Whip Frosting Everyday Occasions #CoolWhipFrosting

The cupcakes with Cool Whip Frosting were toddler approved! He actually ate two and managed to get frosting all over his face. Typical adorable toddler moment! As a mom, I love those kinds of photo opportunities! I think W just likes when I make cupcakes! He is much more willing to let me take his picture!

In the end each cupcake ended up being just under 100 calories! That is my kind of dessert!

In my quest to make lower calorie sweet treats, I am thrilled to have discovered frosting by Cool Whip. It was so easy to use and the entire family loved the flavor! I have a feeling it will be getting used a lot as we start our holiday baking this year!

To learn more, connect with Cool Whip on Facebook and check out the Kraft Recipes website for inspiration!

What kind of cake or cupcake would you frost with Cool Whip Frosting?

Formula Mom Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Kraft Cool Whip.  All experiences and opinions are 100% my own. #CoolWhipFrosting #CBias #SocialFabric

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