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Gone are the days of baby food jars or bottles all day long. W is all about eating real food. He loves cucumbers, apples, oranges, bananas, chicken nuggets, and peanut butter! W will only eat sandwiches if they are in bite sized pieces. If the sandwich is in bites, he’ll eat almost anything! He enjoys peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheese, and sometimes even turkey sandwiches! Of course, it takes a little extra time to cut up his sandwiches but I don’t mind doing it. Then I discovered FunBites!


FunBites® cuts food into bite-sized fun shapes and works well for sandwiches, fruit, veggies, and any other food you’re willing to try! It’s a great way to encourage children to eat more healthy foods by making them fun! It’s also great for toddlers who prefer smaller sized food that they can pop in their mouth. FunBites come in two different designs — Cube It and Luv it. Cube It creates 12 fun bite-sized squares while Luv It creates a big heart from 10 geometric shapes!

FunBites makes eating healthy more fun!

FunBites makes eating healthy fun!

We received the Cube It FunBites and I immediately put it to use! It was simple to make a quick peanut butter sandwich, rock the quick-cutting curved blades of FunBites over the sandwich, and then push them free! So simple! W loved the little bites of sandwich and ate most of them. Grambo ate the crust so everyone had something to snack on! I cannot wait to try this with other food such as W’s favorite cucumbers!

FunBites are also easy to care for because they are dishwasher safe in the top rack! They are also BPA free and made in the USA! FunBites are available for $11.99 or you can purchase both for $19.99 at You can learn even more about FunBites by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter.

What food would you use FunBites on to make it more fun?

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  1. That is super neat! My 4 year old loves his sandwiches all cut up goofy for each sandwich. I bet he would love something like this!
    Leila recently posted..A to Z Challenge: X-tremely X-cited

  2. I bet these could be used for teeny appetizers at a kid party or even if you wanted to have a sample chicken salad, tuna salad, etc sandwich contest.
    Melissa Say What? recently posted..Charisma Media Network: Meet Our Stars

  3. desiree says:

    hot dog and then you can come up with some great idea for thei for summer party quick one to get

  4. Trasina McGahey says:

    I like the Luv It shapes!

  5. Kelly A. Tanner says:

    Very fun!! I like the Luv It cutter!!

  6. Alicia Sneed says:

    I love the Luv It cutter!

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