Family Car Wash (Affordable Family Fun)

Family Car Wash Affordable Family Fun

Affordable Family Fun: Family Car Wash

Summer brings hot days and hot evenings here in Texas. It really doesn’t cool off much even once the sun goes down. We break out the sprinklers a lot but sometimes I want something a little different. Even the water table gets old after you play with it all week. Sometimes there are chores that need to get done too! If you want a way to have affordable family fun and get something productive done, thing family car wash!

Grab some sponges and some soap! Get out a bucket or a few bowls and break out the hose! The whole family can help. Taller family members can be in charge of windows while the smaller ones can take care of the wheels!

I’ll be honest and acknowledge that the car may not get the sparkling wash when you do it alone. And it might not have the professional finish of going to a car wash. But you will get a cleaner car and you will have some great family memories to remember years from now!

Plus, if you’re anything like me, someone is bound to get wet! So it’s a great way to cool off on those hot summer evenings! And if your child is like me and is always dirty, it’s a great way to get cleaned up at the end of a long summer day spent playing outside!

What other chores could you do as a family and turn them into fun?

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  1. Such a great idea! We make a race of picking up the living room and dining rooms… nothing as fun as that tough :)
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