Ella’s Kitchen Keeps Kids Snacking #ngfoodie

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Ella's Kitchen #ngfoodie

Ella’s Kitchen Keeps Kids Snacking

About a year ago, we discovered the joy of Ella’s Kitchen pouches. They were so easy to use with the Boon spoon we had and they traveled in our diaper bag so well. Lately it has been a challenge to get W to eat more than waffles, bananas, chicken nuggets, and cereal bars. Sometimes he will be brave and eat other things, but those are his favorites these days.

Ella’s Kitchen worked so well for us when he was younger that I hoped it might be the answer now. They offer a great variety of flavors with pouches designed for a variety of age ranges. But I was most interested in the new Nibbly Fingers.

Ella's Kitchen Nibbly Fingers

Nibbly Fingers

Nibbly Fingers are one of the newest products available. They are snack bars made with organic fruit, vegetables, and whole grain oats. They don’t contain any refined sugars or concentrates! You won’t find any preservatives either! Only naturally occurring sugars. Plus they are a great size for toddlers.

We received a mangoes & carrots Nibbly Fingers bar. I will admit that the carrots made me a bit nervous. W is not a fan of carrots in any form right now. He will eat some vegetables but not carrots. Not raw. Not cooked. Just no carrots.  I tried a bite before offering it to him. It tasted fruity and a bit sweet. No sign of carrots so I was hopeful once again!

Ella's Kitchen is Toddler Approved

Toddler Approved

The Nibbly Fingers bar was gone in about two minutes. That is the sign that W really loves something! I will admit that he even picked up some crumbs he dropped on the floor and ate them. I would say that the bar was definitely toddler approved!

As a mom I feel good about having this kind of snack on hand for him. While it might not be quite the same as him eating fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s definitely a great alternative to the snacks he usually wants to eat. Plus, they also travel perfectly in my purse or the diaper bag. The perfect post-gymnastics class snack.

You can learn more about the complete line of products on the Ella’s Kitchen website. You can also connect with Ella’s Kitchen on Facebook and on Twitter @ EllasKitchen.

How do you get your toddler to eat healthier?

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  1. Ella’s Kitchen sounds awesome, and it’s great that they worked so well for W!
    Holly (Woman Tribune) recently posted..Oasap Black Round Toe Short Boots Review

  2. Hannah Avery says:

    Both the pouches and the bars would be a great way to get more healthy food into my son!

  3. Be good for my picky picky son.

  4. These sound like they would be perfect to keep around for when my girlfriend brings over her toddler.
    Shaiha recently posted..Blog Hops

  5. Diane Sallans says:

    it’s great to find a healthy snack that kids will eat.

  6. Georgette says:

    If you wrap the package attractively enough, the kids will go for them. These items fit that bill. I wish they’d had great, healthy things like this when I was a kid. My eating habits would have been a thousand times better than they ended up being.

  7. krista grandstaff says:

    I like how portable it is…it’s a pain to try and find healthy snacks that we can take along on our busy days!!

  8. Mary Mirvis says:

    Haha I love the name “nibbly fingers!” very cute.

  9. Stephanie Fulk says:

    My kids love the pouches. I didnt know they had bars!

  10. Thanks for sharing a healthy alternative with us!

  11. The pouches are a great way to get toddlers to eat healthier. They make it easy to have fruit, even when you’re on the go all day. I’ve never seen the Nibblers bars before… will have to look for those.
    Jan Messali recently posted..European Garden Bouquet Review and Giveaway, US

  12. Jenny Stanek says:

    I really like this idea of mixing in the veggies with the sweet fruity flavors to disguise it. My kids could easily eat more vitamins and nutrients without even knowing it

  13. Tatiana F says:

    We love Ella’s Kitchen baby food! I can’t wait to try (erg, have baby try ;) ) the Nibbly Fingers!

  14. This looks great–healthy and portable!

  15. Marti Parks says:

    I had never heard of Ella’s Kitchen before, the Nibbly Fingers look pretty interesting.

  16. Ellen Levickis says:

    My picky son will not eat any veggies other than corn and no fruit other than fruit snacks, so maybe their products will be something he will eat. Thanks for the intro to Ella’s Kitchen.

  17. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    these would really be good for my grandson, he is so picky

  18. Sounds good..I might eat these too! :)

  19. These look like great snacks for little ones. As soon as my baby starts eating food like this, I’ll be sure to remember this product.

  20. these snacks look awesome!! the pouches make it convenient for my kids and the bars look awesome—even for adults!! id love to try them…they all look great!!!
    :) THANKS :)

  21. Alright! Hadn’t heard of a carrot bar… just carrot cake, and I can’t find anyone who wants to eat my carrot cake either. So a fruit-only taste sounds useful to me!

  22. I love the packaging design of these products – it really seems that they’ve tried to engage the kiddies.

  23. Sounds like an awesome product and so great for kids!

  24. judy gardner says:

    my nephew’s kids love this stuff!

  25. Caitlin McClure says:

    would love these for my son!

  26. Sharleen Mehemed says:

    These snacks look really handy and tasty and would work really good with my grandbabies!
    Sharleen Mehemed recently posted..Internet Marketing updated Sat Oct 20 2012 4:36 am EDT

  27. Trisha McKee says:

    What a great healthy alternative!

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