Dora the Explorer DVD: Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure Review

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Dora the Explorer DVD: Dora's Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure

Dora the Explorer DVD: Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure

As I’ve mentioned before, we are friends of Dora’s whether I want to be or not. We recently had the opportunity to watch Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom. W enjoyed it immensely. I was actually more excited for the newest Dora the Explorer DVD, Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure!

Why? I love the summer Olympics and I love gymnastics!

Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure features 3 episodes including the title episode. The DVD also includes the episodes A Ribbon for Pinto and Swiper’s Favorite Things. The DVD has a running time of approximately 69 minutes. Each episode features the favorite Dora characters along with great music!

W has enjoyed the title episode multiple times so far. We haven’t actually gotten to the other two episodes but that’s okay. I have them on reserve for emergencies. What kind of emergencies? When he wants lunch but doesn’t want to let me go make it! That is one of my favorite things about Dora the Explorer DVDs! They are divided by episodes rather than being an hour long movie. This works great for younger children who don’t actually watch a complete episode.

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure will be released on DVD on July 31, 2012 for the suggested retail price of $16.99. Just in time for the summer games!

Are there any Dora the Explorer fans in your house?

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  1. Even I like Dora. I got a collection of Dora Toys and Dolls. Thanks for sharing the information regarding this new DVD.

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