DIY Easter Bunny Basket Craft #easter

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DIY Easter Bunny Basket Crafts

Easter is right around the corner. To get the kids excited about this holiday I thought it’d be great to start doing Easter crafts. And the first thing that popped to mind was this bunny basket I saw on

My son loved putting it together with me and even decided to do one on his own after I helped him with this one. He loved being able to use the stapler and the scissors. And he surprised me by how well he did with the pen while drawing on whiskers. He’s getting quite skilled!

DIY Easter Bunny Basket

What you’ll need:

  • paper plates
  • googly eyes
  • glue dots
  • 2 cotton balls
  • 1 piece white construction paper (for ears)
  • 1″ strip of construction paper (for handle)
  • Black & pink marker
  • scissors
  • stapler

What you do:

1. Fold the white construction paper in half. Cut out two bunny ears and set aside.

2. Fold the paper plate in half.

3. Staple up each side of the paper plate 4 times.

4. Use glue dot to add googly eyes to either side of the paper plate. Add a nose to the bunny with the pink marker.

5. Add handle to the top of the paper plate with a staple.

6. Use pink pen to color the inside of the ears. Attach ears to the paper plate with glue dots.

7. Add whiskers to the bunny with the black marker on each side.

8. Place 2 glue dots at the opposite end of the bunny and add a cotton ball for a tail. Repeat on the other side.

9. Stuff with your favorite Easter goodies and have fun!

What activities do you like to do with your child for Easter?

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About the contributor: Every week Danielle brings great kids crafts to Formula Mom! Danielle is a work-at-home-mom of two beautiful kids and writes over at the Simmworks Family Blog. She loves to blog about her family, healthy living, going green and crafting. Danielle would love for you to come visit! You can reach her on facebook and twitter as well. If you have any questions feel free to email her at


  1. shelly peterson says

    my son loves doing arts and crafts. he would have so much fun doing this. think I found a weekend project for us :)

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