Getting Mom Organized with the Devyn Bag!

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As a new mom, I didn’t realize just how important the diaper bag would be to me. I figured most diaper bags were made the same and once I found the general design I liked, any diaper bag would work. Well, that isn’t quite how it has worked out for me. Over the past 18 months, I have tried four different diaper bags and discovered that they all work well at different times! Over Spring Break we took W on an airplane for the first time and I discovered that I didn’t have a diaper bag that would work well for us. I ended up taking a larger bag and putting my laptop in a sleeve to combine my things with all of W’s things. It worked but it was less than ideal.

Stylish and functional mom messenger bag -- The Devyn Bag!

Recently I was browsing diaper bags online and I discovered The Devyn Bag! When I saw the photo above, I knew I had to learn more! The messenger bag design is my favorite diaper bag design and I fell in love with the colors of the bag. The Devyn bag features compartments to keep everything organized. There is an insulated compartment for food and drinks which is great when you are carrying bottles and sippy cups! There is a compartment with three pockets that works great for organizing things like your camera, cell phone, and keys. The third compartment is padded for electronic devices or can be used for extra storage. Once I learned about this compartment, I knew that this was the diaper bag for me!

The Devyn Bag Designer Diaper Bag

As soon as The Devyn Bag arrived, I had to open it and check it out! I love the colors even more in person! I am always on the hunt for diaper bags that are not too girly but that don’t overtly scream boy either. The aqua color is one of my current favorites and I like the flower design on the strap. It’s just a touch of girly that fits me perfectly while still being a great diaper bag for the mom of a busy, little boy!

Getting organized with The Devyn Bag

I immediately filled up the pockets as we prepared to go out for dinner. I did some combining in different pockets and without my laptop in the bag, there was plenty of room with space leftover for anything else I might have needed to throw into the bag! The bag is generously sized with enough room to carry your laptop (or my iPad in its heavy-duty case) and all of the baby essentials! One feature that I really liked was the zipper on the insulated compartment.

The Devyn Bag messenger diaper bag

The Devyn Bag is also extremely lightweight and made from waterproof fabric which makes it easy to clean. That’s important to me because when we’re out and about, something always seems to get on the diaper bag no matter what we’re doing! It has proven to be extremely easy to clean which has made me very happy. You would think that it would be a common feature in a diaper bag but I have a bag or two where I cannot get stains out of the fabric on the outside of the bag. It’s frustrating because with a toddler, there always seems to be a mess and a new stain! I like being able to wipe the Devyn Bag down and have it look as good as new!

Formula Mom gets organized with The Devyn Bag!

I also like that the flap of the messenger bag has a velcro closure so it doesn’t flip open on its own if it falls over while we’re driving or when I set the bag down. I like knowing that the Devyn Bag is keeping everything inside for me! If I could add one thing to this diaper bag, I would love a side pocket to hold a baby bottle, sippy cup, or my water bottle so it’s easy to reach without opening the entire bag. Otherwise, the Devyn Bag design has worked extremely well for us and because of its design, I can see myself using it as a bag long after W needs a diaper bag when we go out! It would make a great carry-on for air travel because it can keep my water bottle cool and fit my laptop! It’s a purse, laptop case, and diaper bag all-in-one! It’s like they knew exactly what I needed as a busy mom on the go!

The Devyn Bag is fashionable and functional making it a great diaper bag for busy moms with kids of any age!

You can learn more The Devyn Bag at The designer diaper bag is available for $99 and is available in the aqua interior with flower strap design and a berry interior with a purple strap. You can learn even more about this versatile bag by visiting The Devyn Bag on Facebook and following on Twitter @DevynBag!

What is your favorite feature of The Devyn Bag? What is one of your must-haves in a diaper bag?

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  1. Christina says

    My favorite feature is what I look for in a diaper bag… lots of compartments to hold things! I also love that this bag has an insulated section. What a great thing to have!

  2. heather abbe says

    Fave thing: I love how everything has it’s own place in this bag.

    heatherwhitford at ymail dot com

    heather abbe

  3. Rebecca Smith says

    Love that not only is there a zip storage pocket, but more storage as well! And that it has a secure closure flap to keep everything safely inside!

  4. Melinda C says

    I love all the pockets it has. Pockets is definitely key..I also cannot use super girly diaper bags since the hubby and I use the same bag!

  5. Alisha L. says

    My fave feature is the Waterproof fabric! My diaper bag is filthy and nearly impossible to wash. Love this!

  6. Lynn B says

    I like that it has an electronics compartment and all the many other sections but quite honestly my favorite part is the feminine touch of flowers on this very functional bag.

  7. Rachel Clark says

    I love that you can put your laptop in the diaper bag and still have enough room for everything you need

  8. Naina John says

    liked the fact that it can hold a lot of things other than diapers.Good capacity.And fact that it is lightweight.

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