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Plastic Dish Tubs

If you’re a mom like me, you are a fan of Tupperware. It comes from my time as a teacher and my love for easy ways to organize. In my classroom, I needed plastic bins to put books, school supplies, and other classroom activity supplies. Tupperware bins can be very expensive and my first year teaching, when I was looking for a plastic tub that was wider than the shoebox Tupperware bins, I discovered plastic dish tubs!

Mom Made Easy: Plastic Dish Tubs

Plastic dish tubs are extremely affordable! I have seen them at my local stores for less than $2 each. You can get 12 for $31.20 on Amazon and they qualify for FREE super saver shipping! That makes them $2.60 each and is a convenient way to get them delivered directly to your door! I often find them at my local dollar store as well!

Ways to Use Plastic Dish Tubs Around the House

  1. Book bins – They tubs are wide enough to fit books of all sizes.
  2. Sensory bins – Fill a tub with themed toys and items to create a sensory tub for your toddler and promote creativity and exploration.
  3. Laundry basket – If you’re looking to get your child involved around the house. Fold each child’s laundry into a dish tub. They are small enough for them to carry on their own and they can be responsible for putting their own laundry away!
  4. Organizing toys – Print labels of photos of particular toys that go in each tub. For example, print a picture of blocks and tape it to the front of the dish tub for blocks to help your younger child get involved in cleaning up and organizing!
  5. Under sink storage – Plastic dish tubs are great for organizing under the kitchen and bathroom sinks as well!
  6. Crayon catcher – Toss all of the old crayons in a tub and your child will be able to easily find any color they need! It also makes it very easy to clean up all of the crayons after art time!
  7. Freezer organization – Dish tubs can help get your freezer organized depending on the type of freezer that you have! Sort meats, popsicles, vegetables, etc.
  8. Store your small tupperware and lids – We have a tupperware problem when it comes to the smaller storage boxes I use for leftover food and for my lunch at work. They are different sizes and the lids are always everywhere! By throwing the lids in one plastic dish tub and the bottoms in another, I can just pull them out and match up what I need.

 Do you use plastic dish tubs to organize in your house? Where would you use the tubs to get more organized?

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  1. Nicole - Mama to 4 Blessings says:

    we use these too mostly for our sensory bins :)

  2. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    We do use plastic tubs. I use them for crayons, pens, coloring pages, scrapbook stickers, arts and crafts and so much more.

    • I have a feeling that I will be using these a lot about the house! They worked great in the classroom so why not at home?

  3. I use these tubs for everything! They definitely help keep life a little more organized.
    Ashley S recently posted..Week 6 of Nutrisystem ~ Dealing with Stress ~ #NSNation

    • I am all about easy organization and I want to try and help my son learn a little bit of organization too!

  4. I love to use plastic tubs, but I was so tired of moving them home every summer when I was teaching. I think I’m past that now, and need to get some more! :) Thanks for the tips!
    Gena recently posted..Grow Your Organic Garden with Whitney Farms

    • Oh, I know the back and forth of teaching! It can be so exhausting. I think that’s why I just remembered how useful and cheap these were recently!

  5. These tubs are great for organizing books! Thanks for all the other ideas.

    • Yes, I first started using them for books because they don’t tip over as easily as the shoebox sized plastic bins!

  6. Lucy Lopez says:

    I like the ideas in using the tubs. Will be giving it a try.

    • They are so affordable that you can try them without spending too much! That’s one of my favorite parts!

  7. We have these all over the house for toys, books, and cleaning supplies.
    Headant recently posted..Win a Disney Cruise for Four!

  8. These are great for messy craft projects as well, like when using glitter, or a gluing project
    Karren Haller recently posted..Build Your Blog Subscribers or Email Subscriptions

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