Bubble Guppies DVD Review

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Bubble Guppies DVD

Bubble Guppies Comes to DVD

W has a few television shows that he loves. I’ve figured out that if it has a lot of music and singing, he is a fan. That explains why Bubble Guppies is one of his favorites. When I learned that the first ever Bubble Guppies DVD was coming out, I knew it was one that would be a great addition to our DVD library.

The Bubble Guppies DVD features 3 episodes (including a double-length episode) of the popular preschool series including the catchy music that W loves! The episodes on the DVD are:

  • Bubble Puppy’s Fin-Tastic Fairy Tale! which follows Molly and Gil’s adventures to help Bubble Puppy after a witch turns him into a frog! (double-length episode)
  • Bubble Puppy shares the story of how Gil adopted Bubble Puppy.
  • Bubble Bites tells the story of what happens when there is only one box of Bubble Bites at the grocery store for Bubble Puppy! Will he get more?

This is a great DVD to have around the house when I need to get a chore done and W doesn’t like what is on television. Yes, I have used the television to distract him for a few minutes so I can clean up! I will admit it! He loves this one so it works out well for me!

Bubble Guppies is available on Amazon and at local retailers. If you have a little one who is a fan, I definitely recommend checking the DVD!

Does your family have a favorite Bubble Guppies character?

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