Britax FRONTIER 85 SICT Combination Harness-2-Booster Seat Review #ngfamily

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Britax Frontier 85

Britax FRONTIER 85 SICT Review

When I was pregnant, I did a lot of research. Everyone I knew seemed to have an opinion about what brands of baby gear were best. Britax came up again and again. There were so many choices that I often felt overwhelmed. But everyone I knew who had owned a Britax was more than willing to talk about how much they loved it.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. And when I had the opportunity to work with Britax, I was thrilled. With W being off the growth charts for most of his life, finding a seat that I trust but also fits him well has been a struggle. I worry about what we will do if he continues to grow as quickly as he has during the first two years of his life.

Say hello to the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Combination Harness-2-Booster Seat!

Britax FRONTIER 85 SICT Combination Harness-2-Booster Seat

The Britax Frontier 85 SICT is an extremely versatile seat that helps transition children 2 and older from their convertible seat into a seat that can later be used as a booster. As a mom, I love the versatility. It gives the seat more value because we can use it for long than other seats. And I love getting more for my money!

Britax Frontier 85 SICT Easy to Adjust

Easy to Adjust

I dread installing car seats. I’ll be honest about that. In my experience, many have been difficult to adjust prior to installing. So I was thrilled as I sat out in the 95 degree weather getting ready to install the Britax Frontier 85 SICT. Why was I thrilled? Because I was able to adjust with ease!

Britax Frontier Harness-2-Booster

The seat features a five-point harness that can later be removed when the seat is converted to a booster. The harness has an 85-pound limit which means it should be able to handle W for quite a while! As a mom of a child who will probably be at least 6′ 2″, these are the things I think about every single day!

The harness was also easy to release with just a single hand. On our other seat of a different brand, I always have to use both hands to undo the harness. Anything that makes life just a bit easier is a plus for me!

Britax Frontier Easy to Adjust

The strap between W’s legs was also very easy to adjust. Due to his height, it had to be moved out from the setting it came threaded on. With other seats this has been a daunting task but not with the Britax seat. I simply had to push the metal piece through, reposition the strap, and then pull it tight. The seat features 3 different buckle positions to help get the correct fit on your child.

Easy Harness Adjustment with Britax Frontier 85 SICT

The harness has 10 different height settings that go up to 20″ to help the seat grow with your child. The harness is a breeze to adjust. The harness is designed so that there is no re-threading when you’re making adjustments. That is one of my absolute favorite features. I was able to adjust the harness height to fit W in seconds!

The Britax Frontier 85 SICT Harness-2-Booster Seat also features the Versa-Tether. It has a two-point attachment to the seat which I had not seen on any of the other car seats W has used. The design helps reduce forward rotation while anchoring the top of the seat. For me, it gave me just a bit more peace of mind.

Installing the Britax Frontier 85

Riding in Safe Style

Once I had the adjustments made so the seat fit W, the installation using the Latch system took just a few minutes. We received the seat in Portobello which is a gorgeous, neutral brown and black color combination. The seat is also available in a red and black combination as well as a gray and black combination.

The seat also features cup holders that are integrated into the design without getting in the way. This is definitely a feature that I haven’t had yet but appreciate! The seat also offers armrests that give W a place to rest his arms. I know I enjoy having an armrest when I’m riding in the car! I don’t think you have to be an adult to appreciate that!

Versatility with Britax Frontier 85 SICT

Growing Up with Britax

The Harness-2-Booster seat converts to a belt-positioning booster seat which extends the amount of time it can be used. Instead of having to buy an additional booster seat when W is old enough and big enough, we can continue to use this seat. But since the harness is rated up to 85 pounds, we may not be using it as a booster for a long time!

Britax recommends using the harness until the limits are met for safety reasons. I’m all about keeping W safe, so I’ll be following the recommendation! So while we haven’t used the seat in booster mode, I look forward to seeing how easy it is after my experience using the seat with the harness!

Safe with Britax FRONTIER 85 SICT Combination Harness-2-Booster Seat

W will be in his Britax FRONTIER 85 SICT Combination Harness-2-Booster Seat for the foreseeable future. I like knowing that he will be riding in a seat that features Side Impact Cushion Technology. Britax has placed energy-absorbing cushions on the exterior of the seat. These reduce side impact crash energy by 45%!

These are the kind of features that made me realize why so many of my mom friends recommended Britax! Now I can officially join their ranks! Britax has given me everything I was looking for including safety and comfort in a great looking seat! Oh, and did I mention that the cover is washable? Yes, it’s washable! What more could a busy mom want?

What features do you look for in a car seat or booster seat?

If you’re not sure if your child is ready for a booster seat, I would recommend Britax’s Booster Seat Basics. You can also connect with Britax on Facebook and on Twitter @britax!

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  1. I really want a Britax car set for my Sean. These car seats are so much safer than other brands out there. I had the chance to see some up close and personal at the Niche Mommy Conference last weekend.
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  2. Love the versatility!
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  3. Car seats are SOO much nicer than when my kids were little. This is NICE! Great review and pics.
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  4. He looks not only really safe… he looks comfy too!
    They have come such a long way since my kids were small.
    (LOVE hs curls!!)
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  5. That looks so comfy! I like the little cups on the sides.
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  6. Wow, looks like a very nice and well built car seat!
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  7. wow this is amazing it would be great to have something you can use for so long!

  8. This looks like a very comfortable seat.
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  9. I look for a safe harness and great padding around the neck area. This has it all!

  10. Love that it has 10 different height lvls & is soo comfy looking.
    Lori Thomas recently posted..Instantbucks

  11. I love the weight range on this seat. It’s great to be able to keep kids in a five point harness for a little longer.

  12. Miranda Welle says:

    Looks like a fabulous seat! I love all the Britax products we own so far!

  13. Robyn Galloway says:

    High safety ratings, easy installation and easy to adjust the straps. I also pay attention to the weight limit!

  14. Robert Pyszk says:

    I learned that this car seat is very easy to adjust.

  15. We have a Britax stroller, which is great quality. I like that the cover on this is washable.
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  16. This would be great for Pierce or the new little one that will be here in Feb

  17. I am a huge fan of these seats! Made in USA and the installs are super quick and easy. I had a radian that took me two hours to get
    Correctly installed… This knocks the socks off any other brand.

  18. Chasity Boatman says:

    This would be great to have for my first son coming in October. This looks like a fantastic company. They have really great safety ratings.

  19. Jessica E Ledford says:

    LOVE Britax. Had a baby seat for my daughter when she was little and loved it. Hope to get a Britax for our next little one as well :)

  20. I love the versatilily of this car seat!!! And also how easy it is to adjust since most car seats are extremely difficult to adjust.

  21. Sandy VanHoey says:

    He looks safe, comfortable and this seat looks fabulous! Love those curls! Too cute!

  22. Jenny Stanek says:

    This carseat looks amazing. Although they were more pricey than others, I have bought nothing but Britax carseats for all 3 of my kids. They’re sturdy, they hold the kids in comfortably and I feel a strong sense of safety with them in them!

  23. What a nice booster seat love the cup holders!!!

  24. Doreen Musson says:

    I would love a Britex car seat for my nephew and his wife.

  25. I love this seat. We have a Britax convertible now, it would be nice to have this for the future!!

  26. This is my dream seat for when my son outgrows his convertible. I know his height is going to be what bumps him out of a harness and into a booster (likely before I feel he’s mature enough to handle riding in a booster seat) and I love that this seat has one of the highest harness heights on the market! With an 85lb weight limit to boot! :-)

  27. I got this booster for my daughter who was outgrowing her marathon and her twin brother wants the same one so badly. My 8yo really likes the built in “pillows” on the side for him as well

  28. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    I have the Boulevard now which I love. Britax seats are so easy to install and use. The frontier is going to be my next purchase; love this color!

  29. Julie Ghrist says:

    The biggest feature I look for in a seat is safety! I love Britax b/c they are so well know for having very high safety standards!

  30. Cassandra Eastman says:

    Great review, i’ve never owned a Britax but they look wonderful! I love how long they can stay in this one!

  31. I love that you can use this car seat as a booster seat later too. It gives us moms a peace of mind that we have the right seat for our kids without breaking the bank again once they need a booster. I’m pregnant and i know what you mean about everyone having opinions on brands that you should use and thankfully a lot of them recommended Britax and now i trust them too :)
    Liz Ticona recently posted..To circumcise or not to circumcise?

  32. Marie O'Brien says:

    I am looking at the Britax car seats to replace my current convertable that is expiring soon. I love how comfortable this looks and the ease of installing it.

  33. Thank you for this review. I love this car seat. It looks like the safety features are really good.

  34. what a great carseat. I’ve always wanted to get a Britax

  35. I love Britax~ and they can use it for so long~

  36. Sonya Morris says:

    I always look for high safety ratings and stick with a brand I trust. I love Britax has such high standards for car seats.

  37. Britax is a name I saw a lot as well when researching car seat for my son. I like that this one is easy to adjust and very safe – and it can be used for a long time!
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  38. Dinah Robinson says:

    I am a new mom, expecting my baby boy in 4 months. I would love to win the Britax seat for future use. Thanks for your generosity in this giveaway! (o:

  39. Jennifer Young says:

    A very awesome carseat! I’d LOVE to have this for my daughter!!

  40. Mary Dailey says:

    I’ve never seen such a nice seat. Lots of special features and looks comfy!

  41. I love the dual cup holder feature!
    (mckinneymommas at yahoo dot com)
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  42. Amanda Alvarado says:

    We have 2 Boulevards but dd will be outgrowing them in about a year so we are looking at this one as a replacement! Would love to win one so it’s less we have to pay! LOL

  43. my grandson’s have Britax car seats at their parent’s house and I love how durable they are… the dual sided cup holders are neat on the one in the photo too

  44. I tried a britax stroller in the store & it was pretty awesome

  45. I look for safety, comfort and one that will grow with the little ones.
    Happi Shopr recently posted..Chisum Crew and the 2012 Undy 5000

  46. Jaime Nicole says:

    Britax is such a great brand! Looks like your little one is VERY comfortable!

  47. Hannah Avery says:

    It would be great to have this for our coming baby when she gets older!

  48. I like, that you can convert it to a booster seat. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  49. after much safety research, we registered for this carseat , and I’m so excited we got one at the shower!

  50. Rachael Henzman says:

    I love the cupholder feature!

  51. I like that britax seats have good safety ratings!

  52. love love love the versatility and the easy to adjust levels. This would be perfect for our little one!

  53. Ashley Ziemer says:

    Britax is the ONLY car seat brand we’ll use! Their safety record sold us from the start!

  54. Jennifer Nielsen says:

    A car seat that doesn’t take for ever to adjust, you jest! This car seat looks awesome, and the fact that it converts to a booster seat is key because it beats the heck out of buying multiple seats!

  55. I love that it can later be used a booster seat. It is nice to get a “2 for 1″ product to save some money but without sacrificing the safety of the product!

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