All the Pieces by Mary E Kingsley

All the Pieces by Mary E Kingsley

I have always loved reading and I love browsing for new books. Life with a toddler and being pregnant tired hasn’t left me much time to read lately. But I’m still building up my list of books I’m interested in reading. Plus, I like knowing I have a list of books to turn to when… (continue reading)

Christmas with the First Ladies #NGFirstLadies

Christmas with the First Ladies #NGfirstladies

Christmas with the First Ladies Now that December is here it’s time to start decorating, planning crafts for W, and most of all, it’s time to think about what to buy. I was sent this great book, Christmas with the First Ladies: The White House Decorating Traditions from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama. Let’s face… (continue reading)

WorryWoos Twitch Helps Battle Frustration

Meet Twitch, a WorryWoos monster

WorryWoos Twitch Helps Battle Frustration Meet Twitch. He’s the monster of frustration. Yes, I’m once again featuring a monster on the blog! When I learned that there was a new WorryWoos friend in the works, I could barely wait for him to make his debut! Here at Formula Mom we’ve met Nola (the monster of… (continue reading)

Mission Possible Improvement in Teaching & Learning #readmissionpossible

Mission Possible Improvement in Teaching & Learning

Mission Possible: Improvement in Teaching & Learning Education is very important to me. It’s important to me as a parent but it’s also important to me because I am an educator. This fall I will begin my 8th year of teaching. I will be teaching preschool for special education students. Over the past 7 years… (continue reading)

Personalized Books from I See Me (Review)

Personalized Books from I See Me

Personalized Books from I See Me Growing up, my name wasn’t very common. I loved when I would find any personalized item featuring Mariah. I actually just bought a flashlight keychain this weekend! I guess the appeal hasn’t disappeared. Personalized books are one of my favorite personalized items. If you need a creative gift idea… (continue reading)

Father’s Day Gift Idea: 1,000 Places to See Before You Die (Review) #FathersDay

1,000 Places To See Before You Die

Death is a very touchy subject around my house these days. Today is my sister’s birthday and she would have been 24 years old. It’s the first birthday since her death and so anything that mentions death or dying has an impact on my family. So when 1,000 Places To See Before You Die arrived… (continue reading)

Attracting Your Extraordinary Love #Cbias

Attracting Your Extraordinary Love by Ricky Cohen

Love is what started it all. J and I met on nearly 6 years ago when I took a chance and sent him a message about the World Cup. Now we’re getting ready to celebrate our 4th anniversary and we have an amazing toddler who has definitely become the center of attention. Becoming parents… (continue reading)

Review: I See Me! Personalized Books for Children (Sponsor Spotlight)

I See Me! Who Loves Me? Personalized Books for Children

I See Me! is on a mission to provide the highest quality personalized books for children. I am a huge fan of personalized items and W doesn’t have the most common name so I can’t just pick up a mug or miniature license plate with his name on it. I am also a huge proponent… (continue reading)

Scampi the Scallop Book Review (Sponsor Spotlight)

Scampi The Scallop Book Review

Title: Scampi the Scallop Author: Mi-sA-le Fransen Scampi the Scallop features a little scallop who faces a very challenging situation (being grabbed by a starfish) and overcomes it by remembering the wisdom passed on to him by his father. As an elementary school teacher, I will admit that I am slightly addicted to children’s literature…. (continue reading)

WorryWoos: Nola Plush & Book Review (Sponsor Spotlight)

WorryWoos Nola The Monster of Loneliness

If you have been reading Formula Mom for a while, then you know that my next New Year, New Reads sponsor is one of my favorite sponsors! I have worked with Andi from WorryWoos twice before and I am thrilled that WorryWoos is on board again! You can read about our love for two of… (continue reading)

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