Blog Boost Blogger Opps 5/16

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Formula Mom Blog Boost

Here are a variety of blogger opps this week! You can work on boosting your numbers, your writing, or even your income! Be sure to check out each week’s Twitter Lead Tuesday for additional opportunities!

Boost Your Numbers

Sign up for some of these great blog giveaway events to help boost your following and your traffic!

Boost Your Income

Check out these opportunities to monetize your blog and boost your income through social media!

  • Social Spark – Social Spark is where I got started doing many of my sponsored posts and is still one of my main sources of blog income. I save the money I make to pay for my hosting and domain each year! Depending on the size of your blog and the amount of traffic you have each month, payment can range from $15 – 200 per post! Many of the campaigns are family friendly and I find the Social Spark dashboard to be very easy to work with! Sign up for Social Spark!
  • SuperPoints – If you haven’t joined the SuperPoints bandwagon, it’s an easy way to score Amazon gift codes through a daily email and clicking a button! Join SuperPoints today!
  • Swagbucks – Another bandwagon to hop on if you love Amazon gift codes! You can earn Swagbucks just for searching the web. I’ve earned over $100 in Amazon codes since I joined! Join Swagbucks!

Boost Your Writing

These opportunities can help you boost your writing through activities like guest posting and freelance writing.

  • Formula Mom Guest Blogger – I am currently seeking guest bloggers. This is a great way to get a backlink to your blog. My current pagerank is 3 and I am looking for guest posts that have to do with parenting, baby and toddler gear, green living, and recipes. If you’re interested, contact me at!
  • – If you’re looking to branch out and write for a more local audience, may be the perfect outlet for you. You also have the potential to earn depending on the popularity of your articles! Sign up to be a local Examiner!


If you have an opportunity you would like considered for next week’s Blog Boost, email me at!

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