Best Cloth Diaper Accessories

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We have been cloth diapering for over a year and I have tried a variety of wet bags, diaper creams, and diaper bags. Here are some of the cloth diaper accessories that have worked best for us!

Best Cloth Diaper Accessories

Do you have a favorite of these cloth diaper accessories or do you have a favorite not on my list?

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  1. Amanda N. says:

    I liked Rockin’ Green, but I’ve found I really love Ruby Moon! If only their scents were as yummy as Rockin’ Green’s… I was also surprised to find that I love GoGreen’s wet/dry bags! Planetwise are great for when I’m going to be out for awhile and want a larger wet bag and I LOVE their pail liners, but if I’m just running out for a bit and want a small wet bag “just in case” I prefer my GoGreen. Plus, it’s great to have the “dry” section for face/hand/nose wipes or clothes that get soiled, but that I don’t want to accidently drop in with the diaper laundry (for color-transfer reasons, usually).

    Diaper bags are SO personal! I just love my JJ Cole Mode bag! So worth the money, but I know different bags work for different people so even though I love it, it may not be great for someone else. :-D

  2. Thanks for this list. I am still debating on what to do with baby #2. I have a friend that uses gdiapers and those look great.
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  3. Brian Kings says:

    My best is Angel Baby Bottom Balm.
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  4. Love Angel Baby Bottom Balm! We use it for more than just bottoms, too. But my #1 cloth diaper accessory would have to be our snappis. They’re just essential when it comes to using prefolds :)
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  5. Henry Curls says:

    Your list is very reliable, thanks!
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  6. Love your suggestions! Rockin’ Green is a great cloth friendly detergent. I also like to use wool dryer balls, but I don’t know if that counts as a cloth diaper accessory or not! :)
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  7. I’m boring. I don’t have any cloth diaper accessories, balms, or wet bags. Just the cloth diapers. I would like a diaper sprayer though.

  8. Great list! I love all these things (except CJ’s.. never tried that one..)! 4 of those 5 are on my top accessories list as well! :)
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  9. I totally couldn’t live without wetbags and snappis! Made cd a breeze! We used prefold with wool covers mainly. Love your list!
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