Inspiring Children with BeginAgain Toys

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BeginAgain Eco-friendly Toys

Inspiring Children with BeginAgain Toys

I recently learned about BeginAgain Toys and was first interested because they are based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Why is this important? Well, I’m was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. So, I’m always interested in products coming out of my home state. But then I learned more about BornAgain and I knew that they were toys I could stand behind as a mom and a teacher.

BeginAgain focused on thoughtful product design and imaginative storytelling in their toys. Their goal is to inspire children with some good old-fashioned fun. The toys teach through play and help nurture the development of the entire child. As a teacher, I am a strong believer in giving kids time for imaginative play.

Not every toy needs to have lights and music. Sometimes they just need a little kid power.

BeginAgain Toys on a Mission

Caring for Kids and the Environment

BeginAgain believes in children. None of the toys require batteries. Instead they depend on children to make the noise and make the magic. In addition to caring about young minds and fostering their growth, BeginAgain Toys also cares about our Earth. Although I am not the most green mom, I do appreciate products that take the environment into consideration.

BeginAgain always tries to reduce and reuse whenever possible. And they use plant-based materials. The toys all feature materials such as natural rubber, natural cotton fabrics, sustainably harvested woods, and bamboo.

So, I feel good about letting W play with the toys and put his mouth all over them! But what does he think about his BeginAgain Toys?

BeginAgain Fosters Imagination

Imagination Comes Alive

W was a huge fan of all of the pieces we received from BeginAgain. He is so into cars right now that it’s not even funny. Vehicles with wheels are his obsession. Cars, trucks, and even motorcycles. So the PushArounds we received from the Beginner toy line were absolutely perfect for him. He loved both the car and the duck.

Hey, a duck with wheels counts as a vehicle so it was good by W!

I like them because they are great for helping him work on balance and develop his fine motor skills. Plus, the wheels feature rubber on them to protect our hardwood floors! The car and duck shapes are crafted from one solid piece of Rubberwood so it’s safe for W to play with as well!

The BeginAgain Beginner Toys line also features Buddy Blocks and the Earthworms. Buddy Blocks are a beginner block set featuring 4  blocks that form 6 different animal puzzles. The Earthworms are great to build up grasping skills in young children. They are made with wooden beads on a strong elastic band. The toys are designed for ages 6 months and up.

Bottom line is that these toys were mom and toddler approved! I like to think the Earth would approve as well, if a planet could approve!

You can learn more about BeginAgain Toys on their website. You can also follow BeginAgain on Facebook.

And BeginAgain toys can now be found in Whole Foods across the country!

Tell me about the qualities you look for in toys for your kids!

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  1. I love simple wooden toys! Its great to see kids use their imaginations!
    Susan Bewley recently posted..Eco Friendly Pet Toys: Green Pet Products

  2. This is how toys should still be. There is so much focus on electronics nowadays. Children need to learn how to use their imaginations as well. I need to get these toys for my 10 month old.
    Desiree recently posted..Strawberry Cream Cupcakes with #CoolWhipFrosting #Cbias

  3. I love wooden toys, so these are great! I think Gage would love them, but the older two would probably be bored. They’re too addicted to video games.. lol
    Melody recently posted..Trick Or Treat 2012

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE wooden toys like this! So cute!
    Tara recently posted..One Zombie, Coming Right Up!

  5. I think the earth would approve too…lol! Some of my daughter’s favorite toys are wooden. She would love to come over and play with W!
    Sarah @ East9thStreet recently posted..Abe’s Market – A Noise Girl Event!

  6. Those are too cute! I love the duck and the little wormy thing! How fun! And so simple! These days toys are just too much! I think it creates an overload for the kids and the parents! These are nice and simple – and will help with imagination!
    Leila recently posted..A Gift for Everyone on Your Holiday List with @knockknock #NGgiftguide

  7. I love that these toys are made out of wood and not plastic!

  8. I like toys that allow open ended play, are sturdy and safe. I especially love toys that all of my children can play with together! Nothing does my heart better then to see them all crowded around the blocks or Legos building together!

  9. i like that they are naturally built to last and dont require batteries.

  10. I look for good quality toys that are age appropriate and that won’t break easily. It is a bonus if they are easy to clean.
    Dree Getz recently posted..New Digital Scrapbooking Layouts and It’s Template Time

  11. These are my favorite kind of toys – kid powered! I have some little ones on my list this year and this exactly what I’m looking for.

  12. Christine says:

    I’ve never heard of Begin Again toys, but I just clicked through to their site and I LOVE their toys. Their beginning toys would be perfect for my little one. They have some pretty cool learning toys on the site. Thanks.

  13. I love wooden toys and beeping good about where they come from

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