Back to School Activities: LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus

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Back to School Activities: LeapFrog Learning Bus

Back to School Activities

Back to school blues got you? I know not everyone is excited about back to school. It’s just the reality. Most moms I know don’t fall into that category but some do! A few of my mommy friends have been asking me for ideas for back to school activities for their younger ones. You know… the ones who aren’t going to be climbing on the school bus?

My advice?

Keep them busy!

Yes, my recommendation for toddlers and preschoolers is to find ways to keep them busy. Of course, I love activities that promote learning as well. Learning through play is perfect for this season when older kids return to school. That’s why I couldn’t help but smile when we had the opportunity to try the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus!

LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus

LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus

How perfect is the learning bus? It’s a bus after all! That just screams back to school (but this would be a great gift anytime of year)! I love the bright colors on the bus as well as the prominent alphabet. If you can help your child learn the alphabet before they head into kindergarten, you’re giving them a huge advantage!

So right out of the box (or actually still in the box) I loved that the alphabet was featured. The bus also features a great variety of music which we have all come to expect from LeapFrog products. I was not disappointed at all! Have I mentioned that I also think the bus design is just adorable?

Back to School Toddlers Leap Frog

Touch Magic by LeapFrog

The Touch Magic line was developed especially for toddlers and preschoolers. The touch-enabled toys make it easy for little ones have fun while learning and getting creative! W was a fan of the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar. I was hoping the Learning Bus would be a hit as well. Well… he was playing with it before I even took it out of the box!

That is the sign of a good toddler toy!

The Touch Magic Learning Bus is designed for ages 2-4. W is just a few months shy of his second birthday and he took to the bus with ease. He is fond of the letters K and O. It didn’t take him long to find them! I always try to show him W, but he loves his K and his O! And in that order, not OK but KO.

LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus Keeps Toddlers Busy

Keeping Toddlers Busy

When I finally wrangled the Learning Bus away from W and got it out of the box, he was distracted for a moment by the box. What little kid wouldn’t be? Who needs toys when they come in boxes? But a minute or two later, he was back to the LeapFrog Magic Touch Learning Bus.

W actually played with it on and off all afternoon. He would play for 10 minutes or so and then move onto something else. Before I knew it, he would be back at the bus. So it was definitely helpful in keeping my toddler busy! I also love that it will grow with him. I can see it being a toy that we have out for the next few years.

He loves looking at alphabet books and listening to us sing the alphabet song so the Learning Bus is a great addition right now!

Back to School Activities with LeapFrog Learning Bus

Go Back to School with LeapFrog

So now everyone can do some back to school learning! Even your youngest child! That is something I can support! Learning starts early. I try not to be too teacher-like with W, but I love seeing him practice letters and have fun!

I can also see myself borrowing it for in my classroom as well. It would be great for my students as well as my own son! It features 3 great modes to keep them engaged. You can choose learning, letter exploration, and music. W definitely loves music because he loves to dance. I’m a fan of the letter exploration mode.

The LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus also provides a fun and easy way for parents and kids to spend time together. I had fun exploring the different modes and practicing ABCs with W! You can too!

What back to school activities do you do with your little ones?

Formula Mom Disclosure: I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and was given free product by LeapFrog.  The content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. My boy loves buses! He will surely play with it for hours!
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  2. What a cute toy – and I love that it is educational too! LeapFrog always makes the best toys. My son will be 2 next month…I am putting this on the list of possible gift items to buy for either his birthday or Christmas.
    Kecia recently posted..ThinkFun Roll & Play Game Review

  3. We do a lot of learning from our chalk board fridge. We count everything and sound out words from what’s on the shelf at the store while shopping. Learning is all around. Loving this toy, baby Sean will need toys like this soon. Thanks for the great review.
    Tiffany Revels-Cruz recently posted..The Little Bee Co. Cloth Diaper Review

  4. I haven’t noticed this toy in the store yet. Leap Frog does the best job of making learning fun for toddlers. This school bus looks like a keeper!
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  5. That looks like a much improved see & say!
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  6. My 2 yr old would love this! She isn’t very good at her letters yet.
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  7. Oh I have not heard of Touch Magic from Leapfrog. It sounds like a fun toy though and looks like your boy is enjoying it!
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  8. My son is a little old for this one, but he still plays with his LeapFrog Leapster and his LeapPad. I love how so many of their toys and electronics can really grow with kids.
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  9. Looks like so much fun! Leapfrog always makes the most amazing learning toys!
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  10. This would be perfect for my 3 year old! I can see this keeping him entertained and learning for quite awhile. Thanks for the great review and all the pictures!
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