Affordable Family Fun: Bubble Activities

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One thing I’ve learned as both a mother and a teacher is that bubbles are fun for kids of all ages! Bubbles are also an extremely affordable way to have fun with your family! You can go with the store-bought variety or get creative at home. This week I wanted to share a few great bubble activities that you can do with your entire family!

Affordable Family Fun: Bubble Activities

Affordable Family Fun: Bubble Activities

Make Your Own Bubble Solution

It is simple to make your own bubble solution! Find a clean container for your bubble solution and add approximately 2 cups of water to your container. Then add half a cup of dishwashing liquid. If you want to make more, just up the quantities, keeping the 2 cup to half cup ratio!

The type of dishwashing liquid does make a difference! My personal favorite is original Dawn and Joy also works well! Don’t be afraid to tweak the recipe until you get the perfect bubbles (adding a Tablespoon of glycerin can help)!

Bubble Toys

If you have some money to spend, local stores have a variety of bubble toys including colored bubbles! You can get everything from over-sized bubble wands to battery operated bubble blowers! If you have a few toys lying around the house, pick up some new bubble solution and get everyone outside together!

Bubble Blower Scavenger Hunt

Send the family on a bubble blower scavenger hunt! Any item that is water-resistant with at least one hole can become a bubble blower as long as it fits into your bucket or pan of bubble solution! The possibilities are numerous including slotted spoons, spatulas, fly swatters, colanders, and keys! See what you can find around your house!

Bubble Battle

Nominate a bubble blower (unless you have an automatic bubble blower) and give everyone else a pool noodle or foam bat. See who can pop the most bubbles or see who can pop all of their bubbles first!

Bubble Art

Mix a small amount of food coloring into your bubble mixture.  Give each person a thick piece of paper; cardstock works great for this activity.  As one person blows bubbles, the others catch them on their paper creating instant art!

Look Mom! No Hands!

Everyone tries to pop bubbles any way they can without using their hands! You can use your head, elbows, knees, feet, and any body part but your hands!

Do you have any favorite bubble activities? Have you tried any of my suggestions?

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Mariah is a former teacher and mother of a rambunctious little boy living in The Woodlands, Texas. She recently welcomed a little girl into the family and is learning how to balance a toddler and an infant! She works every day to figure out how to balance all of her roles and figure out her formula for being mom! She can also be found at Mommy Mindset Media, Disney DIY and Noise Girls.


  1. We love bubbles around here. I like holding the wand up over the AC unit. Lots of bubbles but not safe for kids, only mommy and dads. I like how Weston was trying to eat the bubble, too cute. We do have some bubble toys, thanks for the suggestions.
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  2. Love these ideas! We just bought an electronic bubble blower which is oodles of fun. Totally want to try the bubble art!
    Barb W. recently posted..Dark Shadows Loom Upon Us #darkshadows

  3. Thanks for all these great ideas!!!! My son has just discovered bubbles, so I think I know what we might be doing this weekend :)
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  4. great ideas!
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  5. Brn2lisn says:

    I love bubbles, and my family loves bubbles too. Fantastic idea’s – never thought about a Bubble Battle or a Bubble scavenger hunt.

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